Effects of Illegitimacy Already Being Felt by Millions


Chief Justice John Roberts had to swallow his words as he did his duty and swore in the weak Joe Biden. And as the dementia-stricken Biden tried to get the words out, the United States people turned off their televisions because they did not want to watch the cheat take office.

The silence of the day was met with wales of distrust and anticipation of destruction in the coming days.

Joe Biden is being called the “illegitimate president” because of the way he took office. No person in their right mind can take the man seriously because of the unanswered questions of fraud and voter manipulation.

Biden needed to address these things long before the inauguration so people could attempt to unite as one.

But instead, he hid the truth.

On his first day, Biden took out his pen and eliminated the jobs of a lot of people. Donald Trump had put America in a position to make a real difference worldwide, and with one stroke of the pen, Biden put the country back ten years.

Biden is committing the United States to strangulation of environmental fraud. The science that promotes that the world is getting warmer.

There is not one person in their right mind that believes the world is getting too hot. They believe that the world goes through cycles to keep itself a healthy place to live. But not one liberal ever talks about that part of the science because it would destroy their power hold on people.

Biden’s new energy outlook will eliminate natural resource jobs for hundreds of thousands of people. He has vowed to kill the Keystone contract, which will kill even more jobs.

And for America, the nation will have to import oil because Biden could not stand the pressure of being an exporter for the first time in many decades.

Donald Trump put more people to work than at any other time in history. Even after the lockdowns, people got right back to work.

The liberals and the “illegitimate president” do not want to mention the even minorities have seen a significant improvement in their livelihood because of better jobs.

But Biden is doing away with all the growth by putting the red tape back into the mix of things. The Democrats do not want anything to be easy for anyone. They want to tell people what to do and how to do it.

And if they cannot follow the rules, then they will suffer the consequences. People are already feeling the brunt of the insane rules that Biden is putting into place.

The southern border is swelling with illegals again because Biden did away with the highly successful immigration policies that Trump put in place. The contracts that were awarded to companies were voided at the taxpayer’s expense because Biden could not let the wall continue.

Biden’s reign of terror has just begun. He cannot even answer direct questions that relate to the rollout of the vaccine.

In one case, he was asked by a reporter concerning his plan, Biden snapped back, “Come on, give me a break, man.” The crazy illegitimate president cannot handle the pressures of the job.

Biden is also responsible for the increase in gas prices that are coming to stations nearby. The price of crude oil continues to rise. While this may sound great for investors, it is doom and despair for everyone else.

Higher prices mean strained budgets. People are already dealing with trying to deal with paying bills or buying food because of the pandemic.

Joe Biden is destroying America one pen stroke at a time. So far, his policies have only added to the misery of voters everywhere. The media praises him for taking such drastic action.

But sidestepping the legislature is not the way to act. He has failed to unite the people behind him, and he has lied through his teeth regarding promises that he has made.

The darkness has set on America. Voters were lied to by Biden and are now finally seeing the truth behind the man. The truth that he is a puppet that is controlled by special interest groups and big money.

He is the illegitimate president.