Doc, Tell Them I’m Sane. Forget It, I’ll Hire My Own Doc!


Joe Biden has worked hard to prove to America that his sanity is intact. Many believe that dementia has set in. Otherwise, how else do you explain some of his incomprehensible speeches? How do you explain some of his actions?

Clearly, he has a doctor that he knows and trusts. That doctor is getting paid good money to keep up the charade. Biden is healthy. He’s strong. He’s mentally stable.

And, we’re supposed to believe it.

Now that Biden is in the White House, he has to go to the White House doctor. That doctor is going to examine the president in the same way he would anyone else. And the White House doc may focus on some of the health concerns that are present.

Let’s not take any chances. If you’re Joe Biden and you’re failing in every way possible, you’re not going to let the truth get out.

So, what do you do?

You do exactly what Biden has done. He has fired Dr. Sean Conley as the White House doctor. Then, you replace him with Dr. Kevin O’Connor – your own personal doctor of more than 10 years.

Way to go, Biden. If it wasn’t for such backhanded maneuvers, the country may have found out just how poor of health you’re actually in. Instead, we just have to wait until you make your next speech.

Naming your own personal doctor as the new White House doctor seems like a conflict of interest. But, we knew that Biden wasn’t going to follow the rules.

It’s why half the country chose not to vote for him. The other half only voted for him simply because his last name wasn’t Trump.

Biden’s always been a rule-breaker. He’s focused on what’s best for him and his family. He’ll cut corners. He’ll make shady deals. He’ll use his power to make executive decisions regardless of what it might look like.

As long as Biden comes out on top, that’s all that matters.

The new White House doctor, O’Connor, became Biden’s physician in 2009 – around the same time Biden was sworn in as the vice president under Obama. O’Connor was also the one who administered Biden’s physical during the 2020 campaign trail.

The reality is that hiring your own personal doctor as the White House doctor means that a lot can be hidden. It’s a bad move – and it shows that Biden is not looking to be honest about his health.

He’s perfectly fine with lying to the American people.

Does this mean that Dr. Kevin O’Connor isn’t qualified?

Of course, he is. Literally, any doctor who has an MD and has been practicing can be the White House doctor. O’Connor even served in the U.S. Army within the 82nd Airborne Division. The only thing that should disqualify him is that he was Biden’s personal doctor.

Biden has finally gotten everything he has always wanted – he gets to be called President of the United States of America. He believes that, with his pen, he can do anything. If Trump tried to do any of what Biden has already done, he was called a tyrant and the Democrats yelled for impeachment.

However, it’s Biden. The rules have changed.

You want your own doctor to be able to hide that you’re suffering from dementia? No problem. You want to sit out a few speeches so that people don’t see that you’re weak and frail? No worries.

We will never know just what Biden is up to because he says one thing and does another. The Democrats allow him to hide as long as he’s pushing through the progressive liberal agenda that will send the country crashing to its knees.

And now, with the White House doctor being a personal friend, we won’t know about his real health until we’re told about some “accident” that now has us addressing Kamala Harris as “Madame President.”