Did Georgia Just Surrender America to the Radical Left?


“Whoops, Georgia did it again,” to paraphrase the sage pop culture bard Britney Spears.

You really did it this time, Georgia.

That’s right: Georgia blew it again, folks. Flipping Georgia!

(I’ll pause for you to join me in yelling out the nearest window.)

First Georgia blew it for President Trump. Now it looks like Georgia has once again blown it in yesterday’s U.S. Senate runoff in the Peach State, handing two Senate seats to Radical Leftists and betraying millions of Americans across the country who do not want unchecked Democrat control of the federal government.

Even the world’s most jaded prostitute is shocked at the rate at which Georgia is blowing it.

However you slice it, in either the case of President Trump’s re-election or the U.S. Senate runoff, Georgia’s Republican voters failed to turn out in the numbers needed to secure victory and the elected officials in the all-Republican Georgia state cabinet failed to instill confidence in voters that elections were free and fair.

But, c’mon, really Georgia? Dammit, Georgia You had one job. One. Job. Saving America, no less.

The historic crackup in Georgia will surely go down in U.S. political history as one of the all-time meltdowns. The Georgia Republican Party is such a “sh*tshow,” to quote President Trump, that they couldn’t organize a one-car funeral, which is unfortunate because they might need to as we may have just witnessed the death of the Georgia GOP.

The Democrats are coming, folks. They aren’t the Democrats of J.F.K. and Tip O’Neill, either. Those Democrats cared about preserving America’s sacred foundations and building a future true to our founding.

The New Democrats are die-hard Marxists of the Radical Left committed to the undoing of America’s foundation and transforming the U.S. into a socialist nation.

Thanks a bunch, Georgia.

By taking Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats, the Democrats are now playing deep in the GOP’s red zone, to use the football analogy. The Democrats have now advanced to the Deep South in Georgia.

First, the Democrats took Virginia. Now it’s Georgia. What’s next: North Carolina? South Carolina? Texas?

If the Democrats take Texas, that’s the ball game, folks. Kiss Old Glory goodbye and might as well move to Mexico. Because at that point Mexico will be more American than the U.S. of A. which the Democrats will have transformed into North America’s iteration of the U.S.S.R.

Pundits talk about Georgia being a battleground, but for anyone that’s checked the Democrats haven’t let go of Virginia ever since they won the governor’s mansion in 2014. The Democrats get their hooks in and they don’t let go.

Fast forward to today and the Democrats have majority control in both of Virginia’s legislative chambers and they are passing legislation authorizing third-trimester abortions and infanticide.

Meanwhile, across the continent, the Democrats have replicated their Georgian assault in Arizona where the Democrats now control both U.S. Senate seats. Both Georgia and Arizona are historically red states and both are critical pieces of any Republican strategy in the nationwide race for the presidency.

To say that both states have been historically conservative is an understatement. The 11th Commandment, might it have been written, might have said “Thou shalt only elect conservatives in Georgia and Arizona.”

When the bell has tolled for Arizona and Georgia it’s tempting to think that Uncle Sam himself has kicked the bucket.

But don’t think you can shift or share the blame, Georgia. The Peach State deserves special scorn for their frankly, piss poor unpatriotic performance in two back-to-back elections that has now handed unchecked power to the Radical Left.

If this gets any worse, the Democrats will be dancing in the Grand Old Republican Party’s endzone for the remainder of the century. More, there might not even be a GOP.

Where are the Republicans playing in Democratic territory? Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Nevada all remain tantalizing but elusive targets.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have captured four – count ’em – U.S. Senate seats in ruby red Arizona and ruby red Georgia.

Those colors run, apparently.