Darkness Looms on the Horizon as Biden Threatens to Copy Obama


Joe Biden is guilty of plagiarism as the policies he is about to roll out are the same as those of his former boss, Barack Obama. The two liberals put a stranglehold on the nation just four short years ago as they twisted and tied America to senseless policies.

As President Trump took office, he pulled back on the reigns and set things right for the country. But now, Biden seeks to pull those same strings back to try and continue on the rotten legacy.

This time around, it is Biden who is driving from the backseat. The big tech and big money selfish interest groups are dictating from the shadows.

Biden could never reveal a plan for the country because he did not have one. The only things he could rely on is what was laid down before he ever thought about sitting in the Oval Office.

The darkness is setting in as the second round of medieval rule sets it. The endless policies that Biden wants to bring back were political nightmares for everyone. Biden has already stated that the future is bleak. He is the first to ever give a ray of doom at the start of any presidential term.

The blunderous policies that he is pushing again have no hope for any American. They are, however, full of hope for America’s enemies and non-citizens. He plans to let in the illegals around the world and grant citizenship to millions of illegals that never have and never will respect the country’s laws.

Biden keeps pushing the gloom and doom that are supposed to provide a ray of hope for all people. But so far, his pessimism defines his true intentions. And those intentions are handled in such a way by the media to keep everyone else in the dark as to what he intends to do.

He already plans to roll back the measures that President Trump put in place that allowed the economy and country to grow in difficult times. He wants to stop protecting the people at the southern border and stop oil companies from getting their products to market. He wants to make American a second-rate nation dependent on the rest of the world for its existence.

Biden and his band of demonic patriots are already building the guillotines to exterminate those that supported Donald Trump and his followers. The darkness that is ahead is coming from Biden’s mouth. As he patterns his agenda after Obama’s disastrous eight years, the country will begin a downward spiral.

The doom and gloom coming will be seen in the mandating of Bidencare, a health policy that he ripped off from Obama. The Energy industry is bracing for a long four years of over-regulating and torturous existence.

And the country is bracing for an invasion from the south as more and more illegals make demands that they are allowed to swarm the countryside like a gang out looking for their next victim.

The clouds of uncertainty and rigorous defeat are setting in as people head to their bunkers to weather the storm of confusion that is brewing. Biden would do well to mirror his approach after Trump. The economy is booming, and people are being vaccinated. Something that Biden would have never been able to do.

The vision of heaven that Biden seems to see in the darkness is just a made-up fantasy. He has promised a lot of nothing and give no direction to any sector of business. Instead, he is wavering in his health and giving ground to the socialist liberals that bow at Bernie Sanders’s throne.

The liberals only have a few short years before the rest of the red wave hits the House. The seats they lost to Republicans are just the start of something big that is coming to America’s shores. Biden seeks to undo everything Donald Trump fixed.

But that is going to be the darkness that will eventually settle over the Democratic Party because millions upon millions of people loved the prosperity that Trump brought with him to office. They are not going to want to lose the growth so easily.