Corrupt Biden Will Enslave America to China


Who’s ready for a second Global Apology Tour?

If you remember the first Global Apology Tour under Obama, you’ll be even less thrilled about Part Two.

America’s enemies are emboldened and on the march. And Old Joe Biden is either too clueless or too compromised to do anything about it.

It’s simple: when America is weak, our enemies are strong. Remember all of the world-wide “beauties” that Obama unleashed under his eight years of limp-wristed foreign policy in the Oval Office?

That would include the disastrous Iran Deal and sending cargo planes full of ransom money to a radical terrorist regime in Tehran that would use those funds to build global anti-American terror networks around the world.

That would also include our submission to Russian aggression and allowing the corrupt Putin regime to seize Crimea.

And it would also include the de facto Obama administration policy of surrendering to China on all fronts.

Make no mistake: China is the Number One national security threat to the United States. Or as Joe Biden said in Iowa on May 5, 2020 “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man.”

President-elect Biden apparently hasn’t gotten the memo on China. It is also possible, as said above, that he is either too compromised to take on China, which is entirely possible given Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s corrupt and foul dealings with Chinese foreign nationals.

Many of the key officials Biden has nominated or advisors he has picked reflect Biden’s suspiciously lax attitude towards China’s malicious rise.

For one, Biden’s nominee for Homeland security Cuban-born nominee for Homeland Security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, was found guilty of selling Green Cards to Chinese nationals while serving in the Obama Administration (ah, the halcyon days).

While an independent Inspector General found that Mayorkas didn’t “break the law” (sure, whatever you say), such actions support China’s attempts to infiltrate the U.S. government and deeply endanger our national security.

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s pick for National Security Advisor, is not only the architect of the Iran Deal – which he wants to revive – but he is also an apologist for China, stating on the record that the United States should encourage China’s “rise.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s nominee for UN Ambassador nominee, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, claims the U.S. must accept our “diminished” role in the world.

Figures like Mayorkas, Sullivan, and Biden’s other pro-China and anti-American cronies will not put the country first and have no place in government.

However, leading China skeptic, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), isn’t giving Biden’s China cheerleaders a free pass.

“Every U.S. official has a role to play, because the national security threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party to the United States cut across all aspects of our society, our economy and our government,” said Rubio. “Biden’s nominations will need to demonstrate a strong understanding of how their departments can respond to these challenges.”

China is battling the U.S. in areas that span from agricultural tariffs to the COVID-19 pandemic to the theft to drug smuggling to the theft of American intellectual property to Chinese spies on college campuses.

Even some Democrats seem to agree on the threat China poses to the U.S.

Many agree, regardless of party, that the best way to combat China’s growing aggression is to strengthen America at home, which means getting the economy up and running again, investing in infrastructure and manufacturing industries of the future, and reforming corruption.

As China has grown in strength it has only become more authoritarian and oppressive of its people – and more and more it is extending its brutality to its neighbors and where it has influence around the world.

President Trump entered his relationship with China with fists raised and followed through on his punches. Biden has forfeited before the match has even begun. Biden is asleep on China and needs to wake up.