Censorship Has Gone Violent as Democratic Plans Keep Books From Being Sold


Censorship is flooding the media as the liberal leftist wackos seek to silence the conservative majority. Facebook and Twitter are just a few of the massive giants working overtime to shut down the voice of freedom.

They, and others like them, are actively purging their systems of any account that supports the president or speaks out against the established criminal left.

Liberal giants think that just because they have many dollars, they can tell people what to say and how to say it. The extreme pressure they put on people to agree with their nonsense is impressive. But most people are not going to sit by and watch them steal away Constitutional freedoms.

Social media platform attacks were just the first wave of assaults by the loony left and their terrorist henchmen. At one point, in California, liberals attack books and dictated what school libraries could put on their shelves for students to read.

The Hitler-like tactics were intended to indoctrinate kids in socialist teachings. But that was coming later as they have to win the fight to burn books.

But that same method of censorship is taking place in mafia-like bullying by members of Antifa. The censorship of the left has spilled over to the thugs employed by the liberal left. Their mission is to harass bookstores that would carry literature that is not on the socialist approved list.

The circus that the Democrats have put America in rings all too familiar of Nazi Germany and their attempt to indoctrinate a nation with Nazi propaganda.

The easiest way to take over a nation is to steal its young people. And that is precisely what the liberal left is trying to do to American kids that just want to grow up free.

The book in question was written by Andy Ngo. He is a journalist that got inside the Antifa group and found out the intent behind the satanically driven threat living within America. The book tells of their mission and goals to destroy America and the democracy that defines its existence.

Antifa does not want to see their plot exposed for the world to see. They operate out of the shadows, and the last thing they want to see happen is for the spotlight to be shined in their direction.

They do not want the truth of their existence told to the public. It should not surprise anyone that the liberal left denies their existence. The Democrats and Antifa have the same destructive agenda.

The bookstore under siege is Powell’s Books, located in Portland, Oregon. Antifa members showed up in force and demanded that the store not sell the book.

Their protest and threats of violence made the store shutdown. In the end, Antifa won the battle but will lose the war as the sale of the book will continue online.

In a statement released from the bookstore, it was said that “At Powell’s, a lot of our inventory is hand-selected, and hand-promoted. And a lot of our inventory is not. With several million titles available online at any given moment, complete hand-curation is not possible. Unmasked by Andy Ngo came to us through an automatic data feed via one of our long-term and respected publishers, Hachette Book Group. We list the majority of their catalogue automatically, as do many other independent and larger retailers. We have a similar arrangement with other publishers.”

Antifa obviously is an uneducated group as they think that the bookstore had anything to do with selling the book. The store simply puts on its shelves what is sent to them in boxes. They may have given up some ground, but there is no way Antifa can control the web.

And yet, the actions of the bookstore were cowardly as they caved to the demands of a group known for terrorism and destruction. America needs to stand up to the threats flooding the borders before it’s too late.

Antifa is just a liberal distraction designed to keep people off-balance while the real threat continues to infiltrate government at the highest level.