Biden’s Idea of a Unified Country Was Never a High Priority for Him


Joe Biden has already caused a lot of pain and agony for a lot of different people. His call for unity falls on unbelieving ears because of the way that he is handling himself. He asks for people to trust him and believe that he is going to do what is in the best interests of all people, but then he goes off and acts like a mini socialist.

The executive orders that he has issued so far have been one-sided. If he genuinely cared about people and representing all of them, he would not have jumped into removing all of the things that over 75 million people support. He would have been slow to act and wise to let the legislature work out the details instead of abusing his executive powers.

The divisions that exist within the country are real and profound. And yet, Biden maintains that they can only be beaten back by a united America. He says a lot of words but lacks the actions to back up those calls for unity.

Joe Biden is not a leader that leads by example. He is all mouth and no action. He mandates a mask challenge and then shows up on federal property posing for pictures with a mask on. He is another hypocritical liberal saying one thing and doing another.

His actions regarding Peter Robb, who is the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel, demands a certain amount of neglect and a call for disunity. With a few hours, Biden gave Robb a choice, which was to resign or be fired.

Kimberly Strassel is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, and she stated that his action is a first of its kind and “will likely be only the first of many exercises of raw power.” The power that he abuses and uses for his own pleasures.

Strassel was direct when she stated that “The general-counsel position is a Senate-confirmed four-year appointment at an independent agency; Mr. Robb had 10 months left in his term. No NLRB general counsel had ever been fired, and the Biden White House provided no cause for the action. Mr. Robb pointed all this out in a return letter and respectfully declined to step down. So Mr. Biden (“we must end this uncivil war”) canned him. […]”

The Democratic Party is still enraged over Donald Trump because they want to erase any mention or action that would call attention to his name. They want to carve out their own legacy and not build upon another highly successful one.

She mentioned that “For all the talk of Mr. Biden as the embodiment of gentlemanly politics, Democrats have no intention of playing by the rules. They intend to impose an agenda and won’t let a little thing like a 70-year-old precedent, or embarrassment over double standards, get in their way.”

The Democrats will stop at nothing to set their own agenda and put in place their people. The threats and pressures that they levy on people are heavy. Even Trump’s own legal team received threats of violence and harm to their families from liberals trying to keep the truth of the stolen election from coming out.

Strassel was clear that “The Robb firing is an early indicator of Mr. Biden’s top priorities. Democrats rely on unions to get elected, and unions are therefore first in line to get rewarded. The most effective vehicle for that is the NLRB, which has sweeping power to enforce labor practices on companies across America.”

The threat to Robb is inexcusable. He had every right to finish out the remaining ten months of his appointed term.

As Virginia Fox from North Carolina pointed out that “President Biden’s continuous calls for unity and civil discourse upon taking his oath of office are already proving to be empty aspirations.”

Biden and his fellow Democrats are already lying to the American people and do things that hurt and cause division. And until such a time that he realizes his error, there will be no improvement to his behavior.

Robb was confirmed and appointed by the Senate, and Biden has no business interfering in such matters such as removing him before his appointed time.