Wow! Democrat Operatives Caught on Camera Paying Native Americans to Vote


The Nevada Native Vote Project is said to have provided Native Americans in the region with all sorts of illegal benefits. These Native Americans were coerced into voting for Biden by various Democrat operatives. They are said to have received gift cards and electronics in exchange for their votes. Of course, these types of exchanges are against the law.

That’s never going to stop the Democrats when it comes time to swipe an election. The Gateway Pundit was able to procure a number of social media posts about the matter that were already deleted. It is clear as day to see what happened here. The Nevada Native Vote Project decided that they were going to buy some votes and they did not care who saw.

They apparently cared enough to delete but not enough to ditch the evidence in the first place. The group may try to claim that they were providing the Native Americans with gas cards to go vote but that’s not the case. The ballots were being exchanged for these gift cards, right on the spot.

Jesse Binall has now filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Trump campaign. According to electors in Nevada, “at least one of the social media videos in which NNVP promoted the voting drives and the incentives depicted NNVP personnel wearing a ‘Biden-Harris’ face covering and standing in front of a van bearing a ‘Biden-Harris’ logo and openly encouraged people to vote for Joseph Biden.”

This is hard to ignore but the mainstream media is sure going to give it their best try. The Nevada Democratic Party was also found to have hosted various events that were designed to tip the scales in their favor. Any event where money changes hands is illegal in this context, even if it comes in the form of a gift card.

Did these people really think that no one was going to look into this? They may have assumed that deleting the evidence was all that needed to be done but anyone who has seen these stories play out already knows otherwise. Video was obtained at polling locations and they are seen giving items to the voters. It’s hard to explain this away, isn’t it?

The Democrats were able to swipe the election by targeting groups that are unable to speak for themselves. The Native Americans in this state could have easily voted on their own, if they felt so strongly. These are the same tactics that were used to bully senior citizen voters into going along with the program that the Democrats decided to.

One of the women who was featured in the gift card giveaway videos even wore a Biden mask on the Biden bus. It’s right there on the official social media page for the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony and it was posted a little over a month ago. The “Get Out the Vote with the Biden” campaign video showcases her handing out more ill-gotten goods to the people who she is trying to coerce.

You can see her holding up a pile of gift cards in another clip.

Binall’s lawsuit aims to put a stop to these behaviors. He asserts that “offering something of value to a voter in exchange for his/her vote is a violation of Federal and Nevada law. All such votes cast in exchange for the above-described incentives are, therefore, illegal and improper votes. The evidence will show that there were no less than 500 of these illegal and improper votes.”

“The fact that the voting drives were officially promoted by NNVP organizing personnel displaying ‘Biden-Harris’ promotional material and logos reflects that value was being offered to voters under these circumstances in an effort to manipulate or alter the outcome of the Election,” the lawsuit continues.

An organization that barely attempted to conceal their activities should probably start to worry a little bit…just saying. What they do with this information is up to them.