The Tour of Hypocrisy Stops in Rhode Island and Picks Up Their Governor


The Democrats continue to put themselves out there as targets waiting to be picked off for their hypocritical ways of governing and serving the people. For almost a year now, they have pushed fear and anxiety on people regarding the seriousness of COVID-19.

And now that things are coming to an end of the pandemic era, they still want to lock down their cities and states because of a few more cases that have come up.

The COVID-19 laws and regulations that the Democrats push on people should apply to every person. But for some strange reason, the liberals think that those rules are for the common people and not for themselves. All around the nation, one liberal after another is being caught in full violation of the rules, and yet nothing happens to them.

Gavin Newsom was found having dinner at a supporter’s home in full violation of the rules.

John Bel Edwards from Louisiana was found a country club during lockdowns.

And then the Denver Mayor Michael Hancock hopped on a plane and flew to relatives’ homes in another state. Hancock actually tweeted his orders from the airport as a slap in the face of all the people in Denver.

The list of the elite frauds continues to grow and make history.

Joining their ranks is the new hypocrite from Rhode Island named Gina Raimondo. She believes that her royal behind can ignore the laws for the common people. She was found roaming outside at a wine and paint night. This was a Providence bodega.

Raimondo was even seen outside without a mask on while being in close contact with other people. She did not even care that she was caught. She got to go out with the select group of thugs that love having the town all to themselves.

The Rhode Island queen either has lied to the people or does not care about law and order herself. Many people are starting to see right through the hypocrisy of the Democrats and are ignoring their rules because no one believes that the facts of the virus that is being reported are true.

The fake governor had to come up with some kind of excuse to justify her actions. She stated that she was sharing some kind of tools. As if that could justify putting people’s lives in danger. And now that she is exposed as a fraud, the support base that praised her for COVID-19 action has fallen quiet.

The truth behind the orders is that they are being given again, only to make people believe that the liberals care. The Democrats are showing by their actions that they do not believe that their orders are going to make a difference. They are just afraid to let the virus run its course. It would prove that it is not as bad as they report it to be.

COVID-19 lockdown rules are not about the virus. They are all about controlling people and taking away their freedoms. Raimondo refused to do the right thing and admit her error. Instead, she tried to justify her crimes with excuses.

The fact that this governor violated her own rules only shows that she does not believe that the virus is a real threat. She just likes making everyone else’s lives miserable. She wants to make people depend on her for money and their next meal. But the moment she has to obey the established rules is when she will ignore them and do her own thing.

Democrats all over the nation are telling people one thing and doing another. And as long as they do not get caught with their pants down, they will continue to engage in illegal activity. Democrats have forgotten how to serve people. They are more interested in their own power and getting tons of money.

President Trump is right about the election. The liberals pulled a fast one and got their media lovers to ignore the evidence, which has kept the people’s truth. The fight for law and order is far from over. One way or another, the truth will come out, and there will be people that will pay for it with their freedom.