The First Thing to Go in Socialist America Is the Holidays


The Democratic terrorist Barak Obama was the one that stated that American has no right to be the greatest country in the world. It was then that the and the rest of the liberals started out on a mission to destroy the country. It is their goal to redefine and dimmish the greatness that comes with being an American.

The liberals are trying to achieve their goal to undermine law and order and bring in illegal immigrants. They are also working hard at removing any mention and influence of Christian values. Something that the Founding Fathers were determined to engrain in the founding documents of the United States.

When President Trump won in 2016, it just about killed the Democrats. Their mission of destroying a nation could only be realized if they could unseat the new president. Four years later, they found that they could not beat him morally, so they resorted to cheating instead.

President Trump stated correctly that “They don’t want you having Thanksgiving, they don’t want you having Christmas, they don’t want you having Easter and they don’t want you having a 4th of July. They don’t want you having anything.”

His words of warning are seen in liberal states that are still using COVID-19 to scare people into not observing the very holidays that remind people of the Christian and moral values that this country is founded on.

The demonic driven Democrats seek to erase God from the country so they can justifiably turn it into a socialist country. The raunchy liberals got their fake health advisors to tell people to save their loved ones and stay home during the holidays. They warned that people should not travel into other homes for it could be their last party because of the virus.

The “what if” syndrome of liberalism started to spread through the states. Dr. Fauci and his liberal master Biden spread the lies that 200,000 people could die or come down with the virus before the end of the year. Something that can only be achieved by them publishing fake statistics to frighten people into submission.

Biden and Fauci are dancing to the beat of the COVID drum. Their lives center around the fear that they have come to live with. Biden stays hidden away in a basement while Fauci tells more lies about a pandemic that never existed except in the minds of the fearful.

The lying liberals continue to push back the date that the virus is said to disappear. First, they will take away the December holidays, and then before anyone even realizes it, Easter and the 4th of July will be next. All because they use COVID-19 as a smokescreen to destroy the very foundations that makes America great.

For years the liberals have tried to remove God from the dictionary while trying and to incriminate the words “Merry Christmas.” The only way to destroy a country is to get the people to forget their values and what makes them unique from the rest of the world.

President Trump was all about helping people remember what it is like to be an American. It is an honor to be able to call America home. The liberals fail to tell people that others are welcome to come and be a part of the greatest nation. All they have to do is come legally.

President Trump is not against immigration. He is against people coming illegally. But when a liberal party has no belief in law and order, they will live a life that allows for anything to happen.

President Trump will continue to make America great until the day he leaves office. He recently signed an executive order that provides federal workers with a paid day off for Christmas Eve. It is the season that defines a country. It reflects everything that America is built on.

And yet, this is what the Democrats want to destroy. They do not want people to remember their heritage. They do not want people at home with their families. They want them living in the potato fields of socialism, making the evil Democratic overlords rich.