The Election Fight Has Not Distracted Trump from Supporting Republicans in Georgia


President Trump is not the fool that the idiotic and pervert media and liberals try to make him out to be. He is an honest man that genuinely loves America and wants to see upstanding people win their elections. He wants to keep the crooked Democrats out of office so they cannot destroy the integrity and hope that defines the country.

When he held his rally for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, some people were concerned that the president would just make a mess of things. But that fear was promoted by liberals that hate the president. He is a man who knows what to say and how to say things to keep things moving forward.

Some liberals have said that they do not like the president, specifically for telling them precisely what he thinks about their criminal actions. His skill with words was seen as he encouraged people to vote and continue fighting for honest elections for future races.

The rally numbers were large, and the people were excited to hear his words that said, “You know we won Georgia, just so you understand.” The liberals hated those words because it flies in the faces as they think they won just because they cheated.

Strategically, the president had both Republicans come to the mic to share their wise words. Both candidates were well received, and the energy was ready to march the people to the polls.

Perdue did come under scrutiny as he led some to think that Biden had won. He stated that “We have the potential if we have a majority in the Senate on the Republican side, that [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell [R-KY] could indeed negotiate with Biden in a way that we haven’t seen in two or three administrations.”

Trump supporters will never accept boozer Biden as their president. He will go down in history as the one man that was able to cheat his way into office only to become a lame-duck president.

President Trump also stated that “You know, again all I can do is say ‘I’m running,’ win, and then do a good job as president. That’s all. I don’t run the elections. I don’t run to see if people are walking in with suitcases and putting them under a table with a black robe around it. I don’t do that, that’s up to your government here, and for whatever reason, your secretary of state and your governor are afraid of Stacey Abrams. They’re afraid of her.”

Trump’s statement essentially provided trust to the voting system. But he also notes that certain people in positions of power are willing to manipulate things to their favor. And that is what Democrats are doing all over the country.

The president pointed out and stated that “Did you see where Stacy is allowed to harvest but other people can’t harvest? How is that constitutional? Has anybody looked at that?” the wacky leftist people think they can do whatever they want just as long as they can hide it. As long as no one questions them, they think they can get away with murder.

Trump’s words of “The Left lies, they cheat and they steal. They are ruthless and they are hellbent on getting power and control by any means necessary. They investigate you and they prosecute you. The moment you question them they try to intimidate you. They call you a poor American – ‘you’re not a good American, you don’t love our country.'” They are all proved in the way they treated him for the past four years.

And now that they think they finally have him out of office, they are moving to wipe all traces of his work from history books. They are trying to scrub his name from public memory and record.

President Trump told it like it had to be said at his Georgia rally. He proved with his words that the only way to stop the left from taking over is to get out and vote. The voter has the power to make Biden a worthless president for the next four years. And all they have to do is get out and vote one more time.