Seattle Nutcase That Defunded Police Calls Them for Help


The defund the police movement is finally bearing fruit for the loony liberals. The distractive call for law enforcement to lose their funding became the national cry of the left because they were duped into believing that something just had to be done.

But now that they have had their fun and reduced funding in many liberal areas, they are realizing that it was not the best decision.

The left’s attempt to set themselves up as dictators and mocked royalty have been a significant failure on their part. They set new rules of conduct and do not follow them at all. They force others to bow to their wishes while trying to fraud another out of their money. And the corruption just keeps mounting.

The liberals want the money, but not the self-inflicted stigma that comes with it all. But this time around, the money grab came at a humbling price for one Seattle lawmaker that supported stripping money away from the police.

Lisa Herbold is Seattle’s least favorite politician. Her whiny voice and push to defund the police ticked off a lot of people. It is was easy for her to make laws that affect other people.

But the moment she has to live through the horrors of being a victim with no help on the way, her tune quickly changes.

Herbold had to call the police after evil found her home. A disgruntled person took a rock and threw it through her window. Herbold noted that “she was on the west side of the living room near the kitchen when she heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot and dove into the kitchen for cover.”

It is at this moment that Herbold begins to recant of her sin of defunding the police. Herbold’s home was targeted by a person that fled the scene.

One source noted that “The incident came after Herbold spearheaded an effort over the summer to defund Seattle’s police, voting to approve cuts of about $3.5 million to the department’s budget. She has also led an effort in the city to dismiss most misdemeanor crimes if suspects can show symptoms of mental illness, addiction, or if they committed the crime out of a need to survive.”

Herbold’s logic makes no sense at all. It is clear that she does not understand the mental state of a criminal or someone that has been hurt by other people’s actions.

She cryptically stated that “It’s giving people an opportunity to tell their stories and giving judges and juries the opportunity to hear those stories and make a decision based on the values of our city.”

It is just like a Democrat to say vague things just to throw people off. Her desire to defund the police came back to bite her in the end. If she genuinely believes that someone throwing a rock through a window is not a crime, then there should have been no reason to call the police.

The facts speak out that she believes all of her own rhetoric unless she is on the violence’s receiving end. It is then that she changes her stance and wants help to stop the hurt that is coming her way.

Herbold’s ironic encounter with a crime should at least wake her up to the mistake that she pushed for. There are many others that are being hurt by her actions. But as a Democrat, she will never admit her mistake and seek to reverse the effects. At her heart, she believes that once a Democrat, always a Democrat.

Her idea’s true gravity is that more people are going to be victimized by the very people that rallied behind the idea. After all, if a bunch of terrorists can get one city to pull the police off the streets, that gives the criminal free reign to do whatever they want to the innocent people of the city.

President Trump had every police force backing him in the election. There is something vitally important to learn through the insane actions of the liberals defunding the police. People want to know that they are safe, and that cannot be done if there is no one to enforce them.