Obama and Biden Secretly Worked with China to Place Their Spies


The airways are full of stories and reports regarding the Chinese and their spy network that they have cast over America. They have sent in their female spies to seduce young politicians with the hopes of learning secrets. The Chinese also influence American education to brainwash the next generation into accepting communist policies.

Mike Pompeo stated that “Americans must know how the Chinese Communist Party is poisoning the well of our higher education institutions for its own ends.” And what is so dire about his warning is that Obama and now Biden are paving the way for the Chinese to seep into the country again since they own him and his loans.

Pompeo warned that “Look, the Chinese Communist Party knows it can never match our innovation. It has state-owned enterprises; it’s an authoritarian regime; it is a government-centric focus. That’s why it sends 400,000 students a year to the United States of America to study … Much of the high-end industrial base inside of China is based on stolen technology or technology purchased from other nations. It’s not home-grown.”

The liberals keep erasing American history and pushing the philosophies of the Communist regime. It is just a matter of time before a generation of young people starts to push communism themselves.

Biden and his old boss certainly did not help matter much when they opened the flood gates for the red nation to send their people into America. Pompeo stated that “Beijing doesn’t want Chinese researchers to stay here in the United States. Indeed, after they’re trained, they want them to come back. They want to induce their return for the singular purpose of serving the Socialist Motherland.”

Many of the so-called students return home with an arsenal of secrets that they are using to sabotage American ideals. China sees the Biden office as a means to send their soldiers back to American soil to find more secrets and bring them home. And the entire time, the Chinese leaders will smile and shake hands with the devil as long as they can.

Pompeo warned, “[S]ome Chinese agencies providing study abroad consulting services have forecast that a Biden presidency could lead to a potential increase in Chinese young people studying in the U.S. One Shanghai-based study abroad company noted that Biden’s seemingly lenient attitude toward immigration and visa restrictions, as well as the incoming first lady’s role as an educator, could be seen as positive signs for the future of international students in the country.”

It is all part of their plan to undermine and destroy America.

The Sixth Tone recounted the story of one student from China named Yu.

“‘ I had hoped Biden would win,’ said Yu, a piano performance major at a university in Michigan, adding that visa and job policies under the Trump administration were unfriendly to Chinese students like her. ‘Trump’s term has made Chinese students’ lives harder. I had to pay more for visa-related fees. A lot of my friends who were thinking of remaining in the U.S. to work eventually chose to return to China.'”

The sad sob story of the spying Chinese student is just music to the liberal’s ears. They can cry foul anytime someone tries to send the spies home. The liberals may think that they are using the Chinese for their ultimate purpose of a governmental takeover, but the Chinese use the liberals for their global domination goals.

Biden was a Chinese puppet under Obama, and now he will be with his dementia. Throughout his career, the selfish Biden promoted that China should move on in. He thinks that many of them will stay in his delusional state, but in reality, they are stealing university secrets and heading back home to Mother China.

And now that Biden owes the Chinese people millions of dollars in fraudulent money, they will be able to control him in the White House. They will simply threaten him with defaulting on the loans to ruin him.

And he will bow to their wishes.

There is no bridge to build to China; there is only a wall of protection that needs to be erected before it is too late for American businesses and workers.