Media Continues to Fuel COVID-19 Fear Even With Vaccine Being Distributed


    President Trump did the impossible when he cleared the way for a vaccine to be developed in record time. The Democrats were praying and hoping that the cure would take longer than a year. But the president had it done in under a year. He has taken away the liberals cover for power control and lying to the American people.

    The fact that liberal governors questioned the safety of the vaccine just because it was made under a Republican president proves that they are using the virus as a smokescreen for their socialist takeover. Even with the shots being distributed, it would stand to reason that the media would be promoting this as a victory, which in turn would provide hope for the fearful.

    But instead, they continue to push infection rates and death counts while telling everyone that the spread is out of control. What is not being told is that two vaccines are being used to fight the virus’s spread.

    Pfizer has its vaccine used, and the Moderna brand is expected to come out to the market within days. Both of these vaccines have a 94 percent effective rating. But nowhere on the news is this being stated. The media does not want the public to get over COVID because it makes for good headlines.

    Any mention of the vaccines by the media is being told with a negative spin. NBC News came out and stated that “Maderna’s Covid-19 vaccine is 94 percent effective at preventing symptomatic illness and appears to prevent the spread of the virus as well, according to documents released Tuesday.” They used the word “appears.” This only serves to create doubt in people’s minds.

    NBC went on to coverup their pandemic pushing by saying that “The findings set the Moderna vaccine up for emergency use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration by the end of this week, meaning Americans could soon have two highly effective Covid-19 vaccines after the first shots of Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine were given to health care workers on Monday.”

    The news pushed that the vaccines are going to health care workers first. That means everyone will have to wait and hope that they do not catch the virus.

    NBC News is full of fear. They tell people that they are going to have to wait for a month to get the second dose of the vaccine. They hope people take it to mean that they could still get sick and die in that window.

    People indeed need a second shot, but the media reports a low percentage of good that the first shot has. It makes people beg for the second shot to come sooner than a month. The media is stretching out the fear as long as possible, hoping that it buys Biden enough time to slip in office and enact a lockdown mandate for the country.

    People that get the virus and are asymptomatic can spread the virus without ever knowing about it. But that is even true of the flu. And nowhere is there any person locking themselves in a room for two weeks just because they end up catching the flu for a week.

    This virus may be as bad as the flu, but it certainly is nothing to fear like the Democrats are hoping that people do. If the wacky media were true to their numbers, there should be over 200 million virus cases. This would mean that nearly 75 percent of the country would be immune by now, and there would be no need for further lockdowns.

    The nasty New York Times stated that “The coronavirus vaccines will probably prevent you from getting sick with Covid-19. But it’s not yet clear whether you can still get infected asymptomatically and silently spread the virus.” Just another example of how the media is downplaying the steps being made in combating the virus.

    AG Hamilton stated that “how the media’s coverage of Covid-19 has consistently underplayed any related positive news and instead overemphasized unlikely worst-case scenarios.” The media needs fear to make sales, so they will push it as long as they can.