Biden Supports Helping Cities But Not the People…


Joe Biden is trying to assure America that he’s going to take care of everything. Don’t worry, Joe is here. As soon as Inauguration Day hits, his 100 days start counting – and he has big promises.

He’s already started talking about delivering immediate relief to citizens. That’s good. With the downturned economy and so many out of work because of the pandemic, it’s needed.

What’s not good is that he has also shown that he’s in favor of the federal government bailing out many of the cities and states that have been economically impacted.

So many Democratic cities and states have gotten themselves into the economic mess that they’re in. They’ve shut down restaurants, bars, hair salons, and more. They’re not allowing small businesses to operate. They’re the reason why there are so many people out of a job.

There’s no reason why the federal government should bail them out. Many cities and states are perfectly capable of taking care of the problem themselves. All they have to do is open up the economy.

But, but…the coronavirus. Yes, there’s a pandemic.

However, there’s a way to meet in the middle. It’s possible to impose restrictions on businesses so that they can still open their doors while allowing people to be safe. This includes limiting the number of people inside of the building, requiring masks, and even offering curbside.

Something is better than nothing. Yet, there are too many cities and states that don’t want to open anything. It’s all a power move. So, they suffer financially because of their decisions.

If Biden decides to let the federal government bail them out without them opening their economies up, it’s not going to solve anything. It’s going to be a temporary fix. And in three to six months, the mayors or governors will be lining up with their hands out for another fix and another one after that.

Biden seems to be a bit confused. He says, “You know there’s an urgent need to fund states and cities, so the frontline workers on those jobs can stay on those jobs.”

The states and cities don’t need that funding – the companies do. The frontline workers are being employed by hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, and other corporations. By keeping those open, they are able to provide taxes to the cities and states – and that’s how those entities will thrive.

What does giving the cities and states money really do? It robs the federal government of money that is needed elsewhere. Further, it ensures that the mayors and governors can continue to be fiscally irresponsible.

It’s time that Democratic locales learn to balance a budget – and that may mean smaller salaries or fewer positions. Most cities and states are prohibited from running a deficit by law – yet analysts have identified that California is most likely to face a $17 billion deficit by 2025.

Why? Governor Newsom has closed all of the businesses. Closed businesses don’t produce taxes. So, he expects Biden to come in and save him – and that’s not fair to the cities and states that have been running things properly all along.

There are going to be relief packages thrown around Congress left and right. The GOP has a very different idea of what the relief should look like than the Dems. Now, it’s just a matter of determining who is going to get their way.

Meanwhile, Biden needs to stop making promises about who is going to get help and what kind of help that’s going to be. He can’t just write checks to make everyone like him more. Instead, he needs to deliver some tough love. If he would just tell the cities and states to open more back up, they’d have the tax money they need to stay afloat.

However, Biden wants to be liked – and people who want to make friends don’t think rationally.