Bernie Sanders Cries Like a Baby Because He Has Not Been Picked Yet


The world knew that at some point, Bernie Sanders was going to start crying because the man he supported as the candidate for the Democratic Party was going to shaft him by not giving him a cabinet position.

Like every other Democrat in America, Joe Biden will use people to get what they want and then drop them like a rock the first chance that they get.

Bernie Sanders wanted his young leaners to be given leadership positions in the Biden cabinet and himself. But none of them even got close to being selected for anything other than a reject card.

Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cried in public when Biden shafted her. She blew up and said all sorts of nasty things about Biden, and he did not give her a coveted position. Next in line was Bernie Sanders.

But everyone knows that there is not a progressive that would have been happy with being chosen. They want the influential positions that are at the top. And now that the forgetful Biden is overlooking them, they get nasty with their mouths.

The presidential thief Joe Biden is facing a loss of support from his tricked progressive supporters. Bernie Sanders is now the spokesman for the angry mob. He is telling people that Biden isn’t bowing enough to the demands of the progressive base in America.

Especially the House women that are Bernie maids.

Sanders and his band jumped behind Biden with full support, hoping to be paid back with cabinet positions. They just cannot fathom that just because they supported the old man that he has no obligation to pay them back for their love.

Sanders wants Biden to do a lot for the progressives in America. He wants Biden to give them everything that they want. The progressives want to destroy America and turn it into a third world country.

Sanders went on to remind people that “Remember, I was the runner-up to Biden, and we got a few votes, Elizabeth Warren got a few votes. A number of progressives won seats to Congress. Those voices of millions and millions of people deserve representation in the Biden cabinet. And if you’re asking me if I’ve seen that at this point, I haven’t.”

Sobbing Sanders believes that his million followers all deserve a trophy for effort. He believes that they should have representation in the cabinet of Biden. He misses the point of the House of Representatives.

There is the voice that they can have in politics. If people want what they have to offer, then they would have elected all progressive House members. But the truth is that no one wants to be a communist nation.

Sanders got to sit near the head of the table a couple of times for coming in second place twice. If he is so concerned about people not getting what is due to them, he can always give his seat to them.

But deep-down, Sanders knows that he wants more than just a spot under Biden. He wants what Biden stole from President Trump.

Harris is the closest thing that Sanders has as a friend in the Executive Office. He might get a word or two with her at some point, but Sanders is already old news in reality. No one will remember him for his crying this time around. He is too old to keep running in politics.

Joe Biden got what he wanted. He got people to support him in his efforts to cheat. And now that he is sitting pretty, he is going to throw everyone else under the bus.

He will not honor any promise that he made behind the scenes to any person. Because he probably has already forgotten who he promised things to.

Biden is a flaky person that is going to be a national disaster for the country. Supposing he will still sit in the Oval Office, he will be a bad nightmare for everyone.

For the past 30 years or more, his policies and bills that he has supported have done nothing good for the country. And he certainly has no plan for the next four years.