AOC Can Eat Burgers Again…Seaweed Will Reduce Cow Farts from Killing the Planet


If it were up to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we’d ban cows and be forced to eat vegan plant food that dresses up like burgers. Cows, after all, need to go away since their farts are killing the planet.

This is what happens when progressives are allowed to speak their crazy to the masses.

While it’s true that cows emit methane and that with the high cow populations, it is impacting the environment, there are many other things killing the planet a lot faster than some bovine flatulence.

AOC and the rest of the progressives just want to take away our joy. The joy of biting into a juicy burger that takes like, wait for it, beef. No one really wants the plant burgers – and no, Burger King, it doesn’t taste just like a beef Whopper.

Well, it turns out that AOC can go back to eating burgers – and we can stop feeling guilty about eating them.

The answer wasn’t to ban cows and make everyone turn vegetarian. The answer was to look toward science. Democrats have a hard time leaning toward science because it goes against all of their crazy conspiracy theories. However, it turns out that science has done us all proud.

New research has shown that red seaweed can actually be the way to fight climate change. It’s simply a matter of incorporating this into their diet – and it will reduce methane production by about 98 percent.

Once we get the cows to stop farting such harmful gas, it’s easier to enjoy beef again without all of the guilt.

With 1.5 billion cows in the world, it’s easy to see why AOC would pick on them and their gaseous ways. They have been known to create more greenhouse gas emissions than cars, trains, and airplanes.

Professor Tim Flannery, a scientist at the University of Melbourne in Australia happened onto the discovery of red seaweed. The specific type is known as Asparagopsis taxiformis. Adding less than 1% of it into the feed for cows can cut their flatulence down significantly.

There’s another important aspect of the discovery. The methane that the cows expel represents energy that they aren’t able to use. If they stop farting, they can actually absorb that energy. It allows them to be healthier and even grow faster.

With red seaweed being the Holy Grail that the planet has needed, it’s now being moved into commercial production. It’s being grown in all parts of the world now, though it’s traditionally found in the tropics. Tasmania will have a full crop by next year and California and Hawaii are already working to produce it, too.

Isn’t it funny how science can work to solve problems rather than going into radical movements that would involve getting rid of cows? Cows have been on the planet for thousands of years – you can’t simply kill them all off because they fart too much methane gas.

It seems that seaweed may, in fact, be the solution that the climate change activists have been looking for. Once the 1.5 billion cows can stop releasing so much methane into the air, AOC and the rest of the progressives will have to find something else to go on and on about. Perhaps they’ll want to look into the factories that are creating smog that goes on for miles. And it’s a bigger problem in other countries than it is in the U.S.

The New Green Deal has already gone up in smoke with Biden saying that he’s not behind that deal – he’s behind his own deal. AOC may have lost quite a bit of her appeal now that people realize they can save the planet and still eat burgers.

We can stop picking on the cows. Perhaps Greta Thunberg will give up the spotlight and start farming some red seaweed now, too. We can only hope.