Al-Shabab 9/11 Style Terrorist Attack on NYC Foiled…Is a Televised Execution in Store?


A member of the Kenyan division of the Somalian based jihadist fundamentalist group, al-Shabab, has been charged for plotting a terrorist attack on America, similar in size and nature to the 9/11 attack on New York’s Twin Towers.

Cholo Abdi Abdullah, 30, prior to receiving extensive pilot training in the Philippines, has been preparing for many years to carry out his one and only mission according to federal prosecutors in the case.

Abdullah is set to appear in a New York court, which for all intents and purposes is not such a good place for him to stand trial. Expect the maximum penalty to be dished out.

Abdullah was in possession of a bomb and a handgun at the time of his arrest. Audrey Strauss, acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney, had these harsh words to convey, ‘This chilling callback to the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, is a stark reminder that terrorist groups like al Shabab remain committed to killing U.S. citizens and attacking the United States.”

The blood-thirsty jihadist is currently under the express care of well-armed security who hope he’ll try something. Abdullah had been receiving his orders directly from the same al-Shabab commander whose bloody hands directed the brutal hotel attack in Nairobi in 2019.

It has not been determined where Abdullah was planning to crash his plane, or into what building, but at this point, nobody really cares since it ain’t gonna happen. Talk about a guy’s career going down the tubes.

When, not if he is convicted, the man destined to have his hind orifice stretched beyond repair will serve anywhere from 20 years to life. Look for the latter to happen. Of course, the length of his prison sentence is really of no major importance since he probably won’t last a year on the inside anyway.

William Sweeny, the FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge of the case said: “Nearly 20 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, there are those who remain determined to conduct terror attacks against United States citizens. Abdullah, we allege, is one of them. He obtained a pilot’s license overseas, learning how to hijack an aircraft for the purpose of causing a mass-casualty incident within our borders.”

Immediately following one of then-President Bushes aides whispering in his ear about the attack on 9/11, as Bush was reading to some grade school children, America united as one. Political differences were ignored as the nation came together as one ear-deafening voice of outrage.

Even then civilian Donald Trump was seen with his sleeves rolled up working alongside the city’s Democratic and Republican leaders. Nobody cared which way anyone voted. America was under attack.

We are now without question fully aware of how these dangerous haters of America still have us in their sites. They’re just using different names and coming from different places.

We also now know how some of these rag-headed goons train their entire lives only to find themselves supporting upward of 70 wives once they sacrifice themselves to their make-believe friend, Allah. Dumb asses.

Because an informed America is a better prepared America, maybe we need to start looking at the big picture again. Now that Biden is coming into office things might get a bit shaky concerning this kind of stuff so it’s going to require vigilance on the part of those who can see past the things he won’t be able to.

Borders will be opening up allowing people from all corners of the earth to wander in undetected, or perhaps even be greeted with a warm welcoming embrace. Students from around the globe will be trained by America’s educational institutes so they can return at a later date to inflict great harm.

If the foreign wolves can be kept at bay for the next four years, surely Democrats will have realized their awful mistake, and 2024 will see Melania once again redecorating the White House.

In the meanwhile. Keep your eyes peeled just in case.