Why Cuomo’s Book Should Be Listed Under Satire


There are a lot of problems with Andrew Cuomo’s book. Released on October 13, it was the New York governor’s way of feeding his ego. Entitled, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Cuomo talks for 320 pages about all that he did right in order to help the pandemic.


Perhaps worst is that the publishing company thought that it was best to list the book under such Amazon categories as Forensic Medicine and Sociological Study of Medicine.

It should most certainly be listed under satire. There’s no medical foundation to anything covered in his book. In fact, Cuomo admitted that most of the decisions that he made were based out of fear, not science or medicine.

Cuomo wants to make sure that the entire country knows who he is. He’s been holding press conferences and has made dozens of appearances on TV. The man loves to listen to the sound of his voice. It is anticipated that he’ll make a run for president in 2024.

As for his book, it’s a “behind-the-scenes” look at how the state has responded to the pandemic. Yes, the pandemic that is still going on.

Cuomo is still dealing with the pandemic. He published before the second wave hit. Now, he doesn’t look like a hero. He looks like an egotistical maniac, which he is. It’s hard to read the book considering that it was his decision to send seniors back into nursing homes after testing positive – and that led to thousands more becoming infected and dying. How many? New York refuses to release nursing home deaths within their COVID numbers.

Throughout the book, Cuomo tries to blame much of the pandemic on Trump. Yet, the truth is that Cuomo was one of the top politicians to downplay the coronavirus early on. The first deaths in the state were reported on March 14. It took him until March 20 to issue any kind of stay-at-home order. Had he acted faster, he could have saved the lives of thousands.

The governor believes that New Yorkers had to see the crisis before they would accept and comply to any executive orders. Then, he goes on to blame economic inequalities for the pandemic becoming worse. Although research has said that those of color are at a higher risk of dying from the pandemic, Cuomo chooses to use that as a reason for the number of deaths, not his ineptitude of governing the state.

Little anecdotes are shared throughout the book as a way to make Cuomo look more compassionate. However, it only shows that he’s more concerned about his appearances as opposed to depending on facts – like science and what the CDC has had to say about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Perhaps the best line in the book is that he points to Trump being a leader focused more on appearance than saving lives, “For them, every issue was just another public relations issue.” That’s literally what Cuomo has done. Every speech was designed to make him look better in the eyes of the public. He clearly wasn’t focused on saving lives when he made the decision to send seniors to their deaths – a decision he still has not apologized for making.

Cuomo has used the pandemic as a way to become rich. The book shot to the #1 position across all of the book charts, including becoming a New York Times bestseller.

Well, as his state suffers in one of its worst economic declines as a result of his inadequate leadership, at least he’s making bank. It proves that he’s a hypocritical Democrat, making money on the suffering of others.

Perhaps the funniest thing is that a quick internet search for Cuomo’s book also brings up “Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and de Blasio Ruined New York” by Matt Palumbo. At title alone, that seems like the better book to be reading – especially as Cuomo continues to fail the state.