Three Counties in GA Find Thousands of Votes for President Trump


The election night was a circus waiting to happen. President Trump alerted people that fraud was going to occur because the Democrats were busy trying to set it all up. And when the late-night hours arrived, it became evident that the president was right once again. The Democrats started their cheating. And now that it is all over, they are hoping that it will not be discovered.

But the president took to the courts the next day with accusations of cheating and fraud. All the liberal left denied any wrongdoing. The media started publishing stories regarding how none of it was remotely true.

But then the evidence started to show up. Hundreds of people came forward and signed affidavits affirming the suspicions. And now the states are finding thousands and thousands of ballots that were forgotten. Votes that were for President Trump tossed aside like it was no big deal that they were left out.

So far, the state of Georgia has the worst record of forgetting ballots. It would have been understandable for one or two counties to have issues. But three counties forgot to count ballots for Trump. Thousands of votes just left out like they did not matter.

In Walton Tribune, Walton County, Georgia, it was discovered that one of the counting machines never got uploaded. Lori Wood is the chairwoman of the Board of Elections, and she stated that “We would have discovered it. Maybe not this week but we would have discovered it. The audit brought it to our attention sooner.”

One would think that this would be the end of the story, but Floyd and Fayette Counties also found more than 5,000 votes that never got counted. That number alone reduces Biden’s lead to 12,929 votes.

Higher up officials are calling on some to resign over these issues. But it is expected that more missing votes are going to be found. An audit is an essential step in producing an honest election. It stands to reason that people are hiding more votes so that they do not get caught illegally withholding votes.

Gabriel Sterling is an election official. He stated that “There was an issue where we noticed more people on the absentee ballot filed for voting in person in Fayette County than was in the actual reporting. It was discovered today for certain. Because of the audit, we found this.”

His admission once again proves that the Democrats stacked the deck and pushed dead voters in the final count. Luke Martin is the Floyd County Republican Party Chair. He stated that the issue did not appear to be statewide.

Martin also mentions that “If this was human error and the Board of Elections allowed the parties, allowed the public to view the counting of the ballots, we could have seen that. But we didn’t get the opportunity to be there.”

The Democrats were careful to cover their steps. Martin is just one man that represents one county. He could not possibly know what is happening in all the other counties. The fact that it has already happened in more than one county is extremely alarming.

The American people were robbed of their right to a fair election process. The Democrats found a way to blow it all out of proportion, and they took advantage of it. No one can trust the liberals to be honest when they speak. Once a person has crossed the line and lied multiple times, it is time for them to be removed from service.

Joe Biden is not the next American president. He is a puppet that is being used by a whole bunch of power-hungry fools drooling all over themselves. They believe that they have stolen the election from the American people.

The only course of action that President Trump could do was to fight the results in court. By so doing, he very well has saved Joe Biden from a world of attacks himself. Nancy Pelosi has been trying to find a way to remove a seated president if they are mentally unable to serve. And with Biden’s dementia, Harris and Pelosi would be in line for leadership. Joe Biden owes his life to President Trump’s effort to unravel the truth.