Texas High Court Agrees with Governor and Limits Ballot Drop Off Locations


Democrats are scurrying to their holes as the election gets closer. They know that they have angered the American people. Their push to defund police and destabilizing the economy has only led to their future demise. But this has not stopped them from trying to cheat their way back into office. All over the country, pockets of voter fraud have been discovered. Their attempts to delay and add votes to their count are failing everywhere.

Republicans are wary of the fraud and fighting that the Democrats are bringing to every state. They want to have things their way so they can harvest votes. In the state of Texas, they tried to get the court to invalidate Governor Greg Abbott’s order of one dropbox location per county. They wanted to see hundreds of boxes placed everywhere so they could drop off their extra ballots.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled that Abbott’s rules of ballot delivery were going to stay in place. There is no need to have hundreds of extra drop locations around each county. The Democrats want the extra boxes, so they sneak in their duplicate ballots.

The court stated that “The governor’s October proclamation provides Texas voters more ways to vote in the Nov. 3 election than does the election code. It does not disenfranchise anyone.”

Liberal crybabies all over the state are claiming that Abbott does not have the authority to dictate election drop locations. They claim that he is trying “imposes an unconstitutional right on voters’ right to vote.” Which, according to the court, he is not doing in any fashion.

Democrats are narrow-minded and only see one way of winning in November. They believe that the only way for them to win is to cheat. They do not see that working hard for the people is the best way of winning their votes.

Voters in Texas can mail their ballots into the voting office, vote early in person, vote in person on the election day, and ballot drops off. The only way the Democrats can cheat and get away with it is to drop off the harvested ballots early, so no one sees how many they drop off.

The Texas high court noted that “The plaintiffs complain that limiting early hand deliveries of mail-in ballots to one office per county requires more travel time for some voters. But this ignores the other options for casting their ballots that these voters have.”

State law provides a 40-day window for people to able to mail in their ballots.  There is no reason why Democratic voters should need any other options to get their voting done. The only thing that they want to do is cheat.

The ruling by the Texas Supreme Court is the final decision. The Democrats can do nothing but obey and work with what Abbott is doing.

Ken Paxton is the state’s, Attorney General. He stated that the court’s decision put a stop to the lower courts’ party-line decision to overturn Abbott’s order.

He also stated that “The 2020 general election is already underway and the integrity of our election process must be protected and preserved. Gov. Abbott’s order rightfully bolsters the security of dropped-off ballots. The Texas Supreme Court correctly stopped the district court’s unlawful injunction and preserved election integrity.”

Texas law allows for an absentee ballot to be used if the person is “over the age of 65, have an illness or disability, will be out of the country for early voting or Election Day, or are in jail but otherwise eligible to vote.”

This election year is proving to be a record-setting time. In almost every state, there have been more votes cast this year than all of 2016. People are tired of the Democrat’s lies and push to enforce laws that hurt people. So they are out trying to vote every single Democrat out of office.

Joe Biden is running scared. He knows that his political career is going to end with another loss to a great Republican president. Trump has a plan for the next four years, and all he needs is a House and Senate that are willing to work with him to keep America great for decades to come.