Testimony Emerges Stating Liberals Backdated Ballots to Get Them Counted


There is not a person around that likes it when people cheat. The only people that do not have a problem with cheating are the cheaters themselves and Democrats. The liberals are masters at hiding their lies and cheating methods. They invented a wide array of issues that they used to hide their ways.

The destructive Democrats used COVID-19, violent protests, and many other things to hide their mail fraud. As the election moved along, reports of liberal intimidation and cheating started to come to the surface. Reports started to filter in that people were denied poll access and handed flyers on how they should vote.

The Democratic attempt to hide their crime was next to impossible to do as some captured video evidence and recordings on their cell phones. The era of the camera is bringing to light all of the nasty ways that the liberals harm people and violently push their agenda on innocent people.

However, there are those that are taking the lead on exposing the fraud and cheaters by allowing people to post their video evidence. Project Veritas and James O’Keefe posted a video that proved to be an investigative video on the liberal cheating methods that were happening all around the state of Michigan.

Democrats are accused of trying to steal the election. They tried to do it in 2016 as they falsely accused President Trump of illegal practices. But all of that was proved to be Democratically centered.

For the past four years, the Democrats falsely accused and even brought to trial President Trump. The faked impeachment accusations proved to be false. Those that pointed their witchy fingers at the president ended up being embarrassed and fell off the media stage. They had to fade into the shadows to keep from being called out for the nasty actions.

The counting of ballots is slow. Early on, the Democrats tried to keep Republican poll watchers from being able to examine the counting methods to make sure that everything was kept fair. Republicans were met at the doors of polling places and told that they could not enter even though they had the needed credentials.

The Democrats knew that cheating took place and did not want to let the people in the building they would have brought it all to the surface. Ballots are being examined now to determine if they are legal and can be counted.

The Democrats pushed earlier this year to allow for mail-in voting. They used the virus as their cover. President Trump pushed back and said that he would never support such a method as it opened up the possibility that cheating could occur. And that is precisely what has taken place.

States stopped counting for the night to start up again with an amazing total for Joe Biden being reported. They needed people to go to bed to manipulate the numbers without anyone catching onto their crime.

It was also reported that the very software they used to count the votes malfunctioned and posted votes that belonged to one candidate for another. Biden ended up getting tens of thousands of votes that were for the president. It was also reported that the same software was being used in over 30 different counties in Michigan.

One postal worker in Michigan was instructed by a supervisor to hand stamp ballots with an earlier date. He was told to take those ballots and put them into a special tub so they could be rushed to the counter. The supervisor allowed for the circumventing of election laws. He deserves to have his job taken from and him. His actions are criminal, and he needs to be thrown into prison.

O’Keefe asked the cheater as to why he decided to come forward. He stated that “It’s sketchy. I don’t like sketchy. It screams of corruption. Also knowing the post office’s leanings politically, it didn’t seem quite right.” The liberals had their harvested ballots ready to go and just needed a few postal employees in place to see that the ballots would be released.