Record Voter Turnout? Even Dead People Voted in Michigan


The Democrats have been up to their usual trickery over the course of the past few days. Since the election is a big joke to them, they see no problem with making illegal decisions to rig things in their favor. The level of fraud that we have seen is off the charts. The state of Michigan is especially problematic. They are engaging in some of the most blatant voting chicaneries that we have ever seen.

In case you haven’t heard, Michigan decided to take a blatant step towards cheating the American people. Can you believe that there were multiple Michigan “voters” who happened to be older than the world’s oldest living person? Four of the voters were born before 1902 and since the world’s oldest person was born in 1903, this is cause for alarm.

They all cast absentee votes as well. To be fair, it still counts as an absentee vote even if it is delivered from beyond the grave, right? That’s what the Democrats want you to believe. A family was contacted and one of the ballots was thrown out. Fortunately, there are reporters who have been paying attention throughout the course of the year. These actions are not much of a surprise to them.

“At least seven Michigan voters were sent live absentee ballots whose voter registration records their birth year as prior to 1902. As of Monday, five were recorded as having been returned and counted.

The oldest recorded living person is currently 117 years old, meaning that the seven who were sent live ballots either constitute the oldest seven people on the planet who are currently living without the honor, or these are cases where ballots are being requested and cast in the name of people who have passed away, or the state voter file is either not properly removing people who have passed away or recording the birth year incorrect which would cause problems if a voter wanted to vote in-person.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Democrat, was criticized earlier this year when she was repeatedly sending out ballot applications to people who were clearly deceased. This led many Republicans to accuse Democrats of planning to cheat the election results by putting more voters in the mail.

One mail vendor, who requested to be anonymous because he regularly interacts with the Secretary of State, said that it appears that Benson reverted the work that a prior Republican Secretary of State had done to clean up the voter rolls,” reads the report from Benjamin Wetmore.

At least efforts are being made. Wetmore also went on to say that former Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson was also working tirelessly to remove the names of dead citizens from the voter rolls. Wetmore also shared the story of a man named William Bradley and it will have you wondering who fell asleep at the wheel in this state.

William Bradley, registered as having born in 1902, last updated his voter registration in 2002, and cast his first ballot in 2020. His son, also named William Bradley and lives at that address, reached by phone he says that he was sent a ballot for both himself and his deceased father but that he threw the other ballot away.

“My father passed away in 1984, and I was born in 1959, I voted absentee but I’m quite sure I threw the other ballot away. I am William T. Bradley and my father didn’t have a middle initial.”

According to the Social Security Administration, William Bradley indeed died in June 1984, but according to the Michigan Secretary of State two applications for voting by mail were received for William Bradley at that address, but only one live ballot was sent and received,” Wetmore reported.

The Democrats may not believe that there is a problem here but those who have been paying attention see it differently. Where have we heard this one before? Michigan is in for a world of hurt once the full scale of their deception has been uncovered.