President Trump Beats the Odds and He Will Once Again


The election day has come and gone, but it is long from being a part of history. The long wait will come to an end. Most people are noticing that there is a deliberate attempt by the liberal left to steal the election from the actual winner. The Democrats seem to have come up with hundreds of thousands of secret votes in the past few days that they are fighting to include in the final count.

The interesting thing to note about Joe Biden is that he claims victory like a sick dog licking his wounds. He believes that he has it in the bad, but time will tell if he is right. President Trump has stated that there is a mountain of evidence proving that Biden lost because the true count dictates that fact.

President Trump has faced odds that should have knocked him down. Long before he ever won a term in office, accusations were flying about him being an untrustworthy person. Someone that had conspired with the Russians to rig the election of 2016.

But those accusations were found to be inflated by the left to try and discredit the man. And now, for the past four years, the left has worked hard at inventing fake accusations to try and unseat him. When the impeachment trial took place, it was evident to everyone that none of the evidence lobbied at him was true, so he won that battle.

President Trump has beaten the odds over and over again. Now, at this moment, he stands ready to beat the odds once more. The Democrats are claiming victory based on results that are tainted with fraud. President Trump has filed lawsuits to the contrary, and now the nation waits for an answer.

The critical states that Biden needed to win have him ahead by a few votes. All the president has to do is get courts to rule on a verdict that would cancel those illegally counted votes, and Trump wins a second term.

President Trump is not about political conquest or earning more money. In the natural sense, he already has everything he could ever want in this life. No extra money is going to make his life any better than it already is. This is one reason why he is able to fully dedicate his time to make this country great again.

His people-focused attention is what drives the Democrats crazy. They hate the fact that the president has put the power back into their hands. The agenda that Biden is revealing seeks to reverse time and put the nation back a few years. He wants to undo all the progress that the president has made.

Biden seeks to return the country to lockdown conditions when there is no reason to take that action. A vaccine is ready and is being distributed. But that is not good enough for the liberals because they want to control. They want to control people and not let them have a say in how things should be run in the country.

Biden thinks he is the winner, even though lawsuits are stating the opposite. The states that the president is fighting in include Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. The issue stands if there is enough fraud found to make a difference in the election. The media wants to claim that there is not enough to be found, but the evidence is coming in at a record pace.

Credit needs to be given to the president for his willingness to continue to fight for what is right. Any other person would have entirely and gave up the fight because it is exhausting to fight corruption.

But President Trump is no stranger to fighting for what is right. He was elected to defend the country from threats of all kind. And that includes the threat of internal takeover. The Democrats have shown for four years that they hate America. They want to change what it stands for and how the government operates. Joe Biden is the biggest fraud to ever run for the White House. President Trump will see to it that he never sets foot in the Oval Office.