Mask Mandate? These Governors Won’t Cooperate, Biden


Joe Biden has decided that he is going to let the media identify him as president. Someone may need to remind him that, even if the Electoral College does identify him as president-elect, he won’t get to make it into the Oval Office until the end of January.

Meanwhile, he’s already talked about a mask mandate that will span the entire country. It’s his way of fighting the coronavirus. Apparently, he doesn’t hold much stock in the efficacy of the coming vaccines. Meanwhile, there are plenty of governors who are speaking up to announce that they have no plans to adopt such a mask mandate within their states.

At least 16 states have said that they have no plans on issuing a statewide mask mandate – and many would defy orders from a Biden administration in order to avoid implementing such a thing.

Biden wants to bring peace and unity across the country — and he thought it would be as simple as winning the presidency. It turns out that there are more governors who prefer Trump’s approach. Biden thinks that wearing a mask or not wearing a mask is political. The reality is, a mask mandate is an infringement on constitutional liberties. Wearing a mask anywhere and everywhere is nearly impossible – and it would be impossible to not only mandate but also enforce it.

Clearly, Biden has spent too much time in his basement to understand what a mask mandate would look like. Plenty of states already have a statewide requirement to wear masks. Even then, it’s easy to go into stores at random to find that people are walking around without masks. They are wearing the masks under their noses and even under their chins. Stores may have a sign on their door to tell people to wear masks, but that doesn’t mean that people are going to wear them or wear them properly.

The Biden/Harris administration may need to think of something other than a mask mandate to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. It isn’t enough to just tell people to wear a mask because there are plenty of states that have the mandates now and the pandemic is still spreading – such as Texas.

Some of the states that may not adopt a Biden presidency mask mandate include Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. South Carolina has been very realistic about masks, too – Gov. Henry McMaster will not issue an “unenforceable statewide mandate.” Instead, he is leaving it up to local officials to enact any ordinances that may be necessary.

Biden thinks that the entire pandemic will be eliminated when people start wearing masks. What about people who have been wearing masks all along and who have still managed to get the coronavirus? If it were as simple as wearing a mask, Trump would have been able to take care of the problem already

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a mask. Not everyone knows how to wear a mask properly. And, store employees who are making minimum wage aren’t going to tell people to wear a mask for fear of backlash – none of those employees make enough money to go toe to toe with someone who wants to make a statement by not wearing any kind of face covering.

As more governors are starting to speak up about Biden’s proposed nationwide mask mandate, he may be realizing that becoming president isn’t going to be as easy as he thought it would be. He wants to give himself a pat on the back for clearing up the pandemic. He may need to take a good look at what’s going on in Europe. They have a mask mandate, too, and the pandemic is still spreading.

No one wants to wear a mask any longer than absolutely necessary. Local officials are the ones that should be making the call simply because they know what’s best for their communities and for the businesses inside of those communities. If Biden wants to push a mask mandate, it will show that he’s more interested in being a dictator than a Democratic president.