Maniac Media Meddles Enough to Get Chastised by Lawyers


The lawyers fighting for the president have a much larger issue that they are trying to accomplish than just overturning an election. President Trump and his team are more concerned with securing the election process and to uproot the corruption that the Democrats flooded it with. Every Republican maintains that Americans deserve the right to free and fair elections.

And they are not going to let the Democrats destroy that freedom.

The scheme that has been uncovered involved communist leaders from around the world. Wealthy Democrats paid known enemies of the United States to rig the election so they could turn the United States into a socialist country. The only thing they had to do was beat out a very popular president. Joe Biden is not the president that the people voted for in America.

The maniac media was also enlisted to serve the new communist masters. They were told to downplay and meddle with the truth enough to keep the people focused on other things such as the riots and COVID-19.

When the president’s team unleashed their statements, the media went on the defensive. One reporter started to argue with Giuliani to the point that he had to shut her up and move on to another question. The liberal censored media wants to keep the American people from knowing the truth.

The media will twist the facts and not even report on any of the findings because they do not want the truth to come out. The legal team is waiting for their time to come before a judge and present the evidence. In the meantime, they are still collecting the evidence needed to move forward with throwing Joe Biden and his fraud team into prison.

As the media turns a blind eye, the team went on the offensive and blasted the censored reporters for not reporting any evidence available for them to look through. They act like they do not even care enough to research out their news reports. But this is what happens when the media is owned by liberal wealthy thugs determined to destroy the greatest free nation the world has ever known.

The media has denied the evidence for two weeks. The evidence is there. And all they have to do is look at it. But the liberal reporters do not want to have to work for a living and actually report a true story. They like being able to sit at their computer and type out fake news reports without any evidence to back them up.

The witnesses that the lawyers have lined up and ready to tear into the Democrats testify the same story that hundreds of thousands of votes showed up after all the counters went home. All of those votes were for Biden. But not one media reporter is telling the evidence to the American people.

The meddling media believes that they should interpret the facts for the people. They do not want to allow people to think for themselves. That approach would be detrimental to the reporters and their affiliates. And the reason why they do not report the way they should is that their big-money sponsors do not want the truth getting out.

The meddling media does not want the people to know that communist countries controlled by leaders who hate America are in control of the very voting company enlisted to count the votes. There is proof that these people changed the count late into the night in order to make it appear that Joe Biden won. That is why the counting stopped just before midnight. It was then that the totals began to change.

There is no way that the media can deny the existence of the evidence that fraud took place. They are close to getting their time in court. It will be at that time that the truth will come out. The Democrats are nervously waiting for the bomb to drop. Joe Biden refuses to talk about the facts, and he certainly does not want to think that there is still a chance that he will lose the election.