Election Night’s Biggest Loser: Nancy Pelosi


At this point in the 2020 election and its still tenuous results, nothing seems exactly certain. Well, except for one thing: The biggest loser is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her House Dems.

Pelosi, like so many of her Democratic colleagues and cohorts, predicted an astonishing win, not only for president but also when it came to congressional seats. According to the donkey party, they were set to not only hold the majority in the House but to expand that lead by flipping several red seats. In addition, they even suggested they might be able to reverse the majority in the Senate.

However, none of that has come to pass. In fact, it’s been nearly the exact opposite, as Jamie Dupree of the Cox Media Group reported Wednesday morning.

He noted that while the Democrats have managed to hold onto their lead in the Lower House, they did so “BARELY,” with what looked like a possible loss of 10 seats.

Dupree wrote, “Democrats favored to keep control – BARELY. This is a giant stumble for Speaker Pelosi & the DCCC.”

Now, the DCCC, if you are unaware, is the primary organization tasked with promoting more of their party to join the House. And up until, oh, about Wednesday morning, it seemed they might accomplish their goal.

DCCC Chairwoman and Representative Cheri Bustos from Illinois noted her excitement for what was presumed to be a successful Election Day. She told The Washington Post last week, “I’m confident in saying this: We’re going to hold on to the majority; we’re going to grow our majority. We’re well positioned to have a good night.”

And that message was carried through in the outlet’s article on the topic titled, “Democrats target districts in Trump territory as the party grows optimistic about expanding House majority.”

Pelosi added to that enthusiasm on Tuesday night, noting, “Tonight, House Democrats are poised to further strengthen our majority – the biggest, most diverse, most dynamic, women-led House majority in history.”

But by early Wednesday morning, it was evident to all that this wasn’t exactly the reality.

The Post’s Wednesday morning article was titled, “House Democrats appear poised to keep the House but fall drastically behind expectations.”

You don’t say…

The Post continued, saying, “Instead, several Democrats incumbents the party believed were secure found themselves suddenly out of a job. And many GOP districts that Democratic leaders had been eyeing for months landed solidly in Republican control.”

Not exactly what the Dems were hoping for, huh?

We also have to mention that one of those Dem incumbents struggling to hang on to her district is none other than DCCC Chairwoman Bustos.

As several have mentioned, Pelosi and the DCCC will already have much to explain, but it just may be that Bustos won’t be the one doing it, as she might not have a job for much longer.

But that’s not even the real kicker.

Not only did the party fail to “grow their majority,” but they also didn’t get the majority of state delegations in the lower chamber. This isn’t really a big deal, although I’m sure it will require some explanation from Pelosi. But this year, it could matter.

You see, in the off chance that the presidential election ends up as a tie in the Electoral College. It is the House that decides the winner. But not the House as usual. It’s the state delegations that do, as every state is given only one ballot to vote with.

While the Democrats may hold the majority of members, Republicans have the majority of state delegations. And so, if the House was given the chance to vote for our president, it is likely that Republicans and their state delegations majority would hand Trump another four years.

And the blame for such a Democrat loss would undoubtedly fall right at the feet of Speaker Pelosi…

Hell, at this rate, while Pelosi may technically still have a job, as she did win her re-election race in a district where anything with a D next to their name could have won, her failures may soon result in the loss of her speaker position. As it stands, even before the election, there was talk from some in her party about replacing her with a younger and more capable model.

All things considered, Pelosi might not just be the biggest loser of Election Day 2020 but of all elections in history!