Cheers Sound Off as Police Officers Home Burns…and Twitter Allows It


Twitter has become a living, breathing manifestation of everything liberal and disgusting in the country. The social media platform has decided to constantly play favorites by banning anything that is remotely conservative while allowing any piece of liberal news to be published regardless of how many rules it breaks.

It’s no wonder why so many people are talking about their new Parler accounts. People are ditching Twitter because they don’t know how to play fair.

If Biden wants to talk about unity in the country, he may want to start with Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter. Dorsey is all about dividing the country to help liberals get a one up. However, conservatives aren’t buying into it – so they’ll take their accounts to a platform that isn’t trying to be divisive.

What has Twitter done now?

They’ve deemed that it’s acceptable to show an Antifa group cheering as arson is committed at the home of a police officer.

Let’s be very clear: a group aligned with Antifa, the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front, has applauded people who allegedly set fire to the home of a police officer. The group has been using Twitter to promote their radical agenda – and it’s all been allowed.

Twitter says that posts that focus on hate go against their Terms & Conditions. So, tweeting “This is so cool” and sharing a story about arson that targeted a law enforcement officer is okay?

What is cool about setting a police officer’s home on fire? When did it become okay to encourage arson? As long as it aligns with the agenda of Antifa or Black Lives Matter, Twitter seems content to give it a green flag.

The Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front identifies itself as a decentralized network of ‘autonomous youth collectives.’ They don’t believe that protests should be peaceful. Essentially, it means that they’re going to go against the Constitution – yet they don’t want to be arrested because they feel that they’re fighting for a good cause. They want to talk about ‘intense police brutality’ – and they’ll take “direct action towards total liberation.”

What does this mean exactly? Well, to say that they’re in favor of defunding the police is a given. It sounds like they’ll use any violence necessary to be freed from the confines of not only the police but also the government.

They’re anarchists. They’re a hate group. And they’re allowed carte blanche posting privileges on Twitter.

It’s important to see what Twitter is doing. They’ve stopped being a public social media platform. They’ve chosen to censor what we can and cannot write about. They’ve chosen to censor what we can and cannot read about.

Twitter is for the far-left liberals to spread their hate. They’re all about defunding the police and becoming autonomous from the government. It’s a dangerous stance that they’ve taken.

For those who don’t want to read about the liberal agendas, Parler is offering an alternative. They’ve chosen not to censor anything. People can say what they want without some outlandish Terms & Conditions to fall back on to identify why a post was flagged or why an account was blocked.

It appears that the Antifa-aligned group is going to make a few new statements in Portland. Their protesters have been hitting the streets to prove their points – that the police are bad and brutal and violent. However, the group is the one that is violent. The police are trying to maintain the peace. Meanwhile, the group is stirring up trouble to get a reaction from the police.

Only after Fox News and other moderate and right-leaning news outlets have contacted Twitter have they chosen to do anything. The account for the PNW Youth Liberation Front is “temporarily restricted.” It’s not locked or closed – just restricted. With a quick “Yes, view profile” tap, you can still see all of the vile posts they’ve been sharing with the world.

A tweet that reads, “Wait till Portland realizes that you can do direct action by yourself or with a small group of people” should send up red flags, yet Twitter still hasn’t even bothered to flag it, complete with 92 retweets that have also been allowed. Great job, Twitter. Great job.