Biden’s Big Plans for Executive Orders


It’s funny how the liberals screamed when Donald Trump established executive orders upon coming in as president. Joe Biden’s not even the president-elect yet and he’s already listing out some of the executive orders that he plans on launching immediately following his inauguration.

Biden’s clearly not interested in working with Congress on certain issues. He’ll do just as so many Democratic governors have done this past year – whip off executive orders based on a whim rather than what the majority wants.

For someone who hasn’t even been named as the president-elect by the Electoral College yet, he’s not staying quiet about his big ideas.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic with immigration issues left and right. But, Biden’s already talking about repealing a travel ban that targets the majority of Muslim countries. So, when the pandemic spikes even more heavily or we have another terrorism issue on our hands, we’ll know who to blame.

And that’s only one of the executive orders he has planned.

Another order will be to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. There’s a reason we got out of that in the first place. It was a bad deal for us. It required us to pay a significant amount of money and agree to climate standards that the rest of the globe wasn’t willing to also commit to – mainly China.

A third executive order would be to reinstate DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program. This is also known as the Dream Act, and it was created by the Obama Administration. Essentially, it provides temporary protection from deportation for those who are young, undocumented immigrants. Many who are a part of DACA came over as children because their families have brought them over. The problem is that too many stay as undocumented without ever taking the necessary steps to become citizens.

Biden may want to be careful about this one – the Supreme Court already blocked the attempt to end DACA. While it may not need to end completely, it definitely needs to be modified. If Biden wants to write an executive order to reinstate it without even exploring ways to fix it, there’s no telling what he’ll do to the immigration laws in the country – and that should have every legal American terrified.

What next, is Biden going to make every city a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants who want to commit crimes? Well, there’s no telling what he’ll do with sanctuary cities. That’s not on the top of his executive orders list.

The fourth executive order Biden has actively talked about involves bringing the US back into the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the WHO website, we’re still a member. Trump wanted to leave the WHO because of their poor handling of the pandemic and for being too China-centric. However, to leave the WHO would require a one-year notice – and that has not been achieved.

So, Biden doesn’t even really know what he’s doing yet. The executive order may just be to reverse what Trump announced in haste – but we’re still technically a part of the organization.

The alarming problem is that Biden seems to be hell-bent on turning back a number of policies pursued by the Trump administration. However, not all that Trump did was via executive order. It involved acts of Congress – like the tax cuts that helped to put money into the pockets of so many Americans.

Literally, every good thing that Trump did during his four years may be reversed within the first 100 days because Biden wants to get things back to the way they were in the Obama administration.

This is what Republicans across the country were trying to warn of. The Democrats don’t know how to listen to the voice of the people. They’ll just do what they want using executive orders. At least we have Amy Coney Barrett in the Supreme Court to help bring an originalist view into perspective when issues get too far out of hand.