AOC Has a List of Demands for a Biden Administration


So much for being on the same side. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t too happy about Joe Biden making his way into the Oval Office. While she’s glad that it isn’t another four years of Trump, she’s still bitter that it’s not Bernie Sanders. If she can’t have a president with the same Democratic Socialist ideas that she has, she has a list of demands.

AOC has identified herself as a Progressive, not a Democrat. The Democrats have lost a significant number of seats in the House. While they still have the majority, there are certainly more Conservatives in place than the Democratic Party had anticipated.

AOC isn’t taking any blame for that – and she’s going to continue to be divisive by making sure that the Democratic Party pulls further to the left than ever before.

One of the first things that AOC has tweeted out is that Progressives won’t “accept” Rahm Emanuel, the former mayor of Chicago as a cabinet member for the Biden-Harris administration. Those within Biden’s inner circle have been talking about Emanuel potentially leading a department such as transportation or housing.

Isn’t that cute? AOC thinks that she’s like a mini version of Pelosi, making demands where she doesn’t get any kind of say. Biden will choose who he wants within his cabinet. It is the Senate, not the House, that will confirm those members. So, it appears that AOC is on the wrong side of Congress to make any demands whatsoever when it comes to the cabinet.

Now, Biden is willing to listen to AOC on a few things. He knows that she is a strong voice within their party. He wants to make nice with her so that the progressives back some of the legislation that he has planned. He made her an advisor on his presidential campaign, particularly regarding climate change.

The Green New Deal is one of AOC’s pet projects. Biden was on board…until he wasn’t. During the first presidential debate, he clearly decided that he wasn’t going to support AOC any longer, saying that he wasn’t in favor of the Green New Deal, instead, saying that he supports his plan.

This plan is known as the “Clean Energy Revolution,” which Harris is on board with. Many of the goals are the same, but it’s a lower cost to the country and the time frame isn’t as ambitious.

The very idea that AOC is tweeting out to say that Progressives won’t “accept” such things as the appointment of Rahm Emmanuel should bring confusion. Does she speak for all Progressives? Does she feel that Biden is so easily persuaded that she can make demands enough that he’ll listen?

She wants to hear what the people have to say. Of course, the only ones even hearing her questions on Twitter are her followers. So, what do the progressive voters of America have to say about their “dream cabinet?”

Prepare for a few good laughs.

One user suggested that Ilhan Omar be put in charge of Homeland Security, but only if that department “has to exist.” Another user suggested Bernie Sanders as the Secretary of Defense.

Clearly, it seems that AOC has no clear ideas of who she’d want to see in the treasury as she’s not suggesting names to Biden – just telling him not to pick. It’s also clear that none of her followers should have any say on who is in the cabinet. They simply want to choose names that they have heard as supporters of AOC’s cause. While Elizabeth Warren could likely be beneficial in the Department of Education, placing Sanders into the Defense Secretary position would be the stuff of nightmares.

Biden will put together a cabinet that he and Harris decide on. He’s going to pass on getting the advice of a 31-year-old freshman Representative who was more eager about Sanders than himself. That’s what really angers AOC – she’s being dismissed. Perhaps she’ll learn that her Twitter demands don’t actually matter.