Tucker Carlson Makes Never Before Seen Record Proving Americans Want News Without Liberal Bias


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson proved that sometimes good guys don’t finish last, thanks to his recent record-breaking achievements in cable news. The primetime opinion journalist broke show records in October, and his network gave the competition a severe spanking in overall viewers, according to viewer data.

According to data compiled by Nielsen and reported by The Western Journal, Fox News just made their 226th consecutive month as the top-rated cable news channel in total day and prime-time viewers.

The impressive nature of their accomplishment begs the question; why do people love Fox News over other cable networks? While it could be the personalities of the people or the beautiful graphics and sets that the network uses, it seems more likely that they feel like the information being fed to them has a more balanced and accurate tone than that streaming from the irate and indignant left.

Not only did the network take the overall prize for the network but they were found to be home to four of the top five cable shows in October, even according to Forbes.

Carlson took the overall gold with his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” primetime offering bringing in 5.359 million viewers on average, and he also set the record for the “highest-rated monthly viewership of any program in the history of cable news,” the network said in a media release.

Close on his heels was Sean Hannity who brought about 5.119 million pairs of eyes to the network every evening, and “The Five” was third with 4.102 million viewers and Laura Ingraham’s “The Ingraham Angle” was fourth with 4.065 million viewers.

Rounding out the top five was the lone commentator from another network, MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” came in fifth with 3.696 million viewers on average.

“In the A25-54 demographic, Tucker Carlson Tonight hit yet another milestone as the first primetime program to reach 1 million viewers in the 25-54 demo since September 2008,” Fox News’ media release said.

If just one or two of the top five were at the same network, it would seem a bit easier to say that it was a coincidence, or that lightning just happened to have struck twice. There could even be a caveat made about airing time or production value, but since all of these networks are around the clock “news” and they are working on whatever budgets their advertisers and executives give them, the playing field is about as even as it can reasonably be in a free market.

The trouble other networks are having is that over and over again, Americans seem to be showing with their viewing time that they prefer the Fox News formula, which is Democrat sycophant time and more legitimate questions and answers with a variety of personalities.

Do the journalists employed by Fox News, by in large, lean to the right? Yes, they do. But if that’s what Americans want to see, or identify with, the real question is, why don’t other networks do it?

The average layperson has been asking for quite some time why the media seems so much more liberal than them, and the answer seems to be that those in power are willing to subsidize the leftist media as an investment in other business ventures.

According to this week’s statistics, Carlson and Hannity have been at the top of the leaderboard for nine straight months. From a business perspective, if anyone with a real interest in the news, or just viewers, saw that, it would make sense to get yourself a little of that loudmouth conservative commentator magic.

So the question is, what makes up for the disparity of millions of viewers advertising dollars every month?

Sadly, the answer to that question appears to be, the liberal agenda. The logical answer as to why other networks would continue on a path that hasn’t won them a viewership title or any nod toward real journalistic integrity in years seems to be that they can make more money if they put their money toward business ventures that will inflate when people vote for Democrats.

Consider that the next time someone from CNN or NBC says something totally illogical; maybe it’s true, and maybe it’s a way to manipulate the masses so that their stocks do better. Scary stuff.