The Demand to Defund: Who Will Answer?


Democrats on the far left continue to demand that the police be defunded. Just the other day, a Houston Starbucks employee was fired for spreading his vile on the cups of customers, writing “Defund the Police.”

Who is going to answer this call to defund the police? As voting in the general election is only weeks away, many Dems were hoping that Biden would be the answer. After all, he’s just as liberal as they are, right?

The far left may have shed more than a few tears during the first presidential debate when Joe Biden made it clear how he feels about defunding the police. He does not support the “Defund the Police” movement. He said that, if anything, he wants to add to the budgets, not take away. He went on to say that he believes that most police officers are good, honest people – it’s the bad apples that have to be sorted out.

Well, that’s great to hear, but what about all of the Dems who want to see the police defunded?

The incident that happened in Houston left Starbucks apologizing…again. It seems that the coffee chain employees quite a few Democrats who think that it’s their mission to be controversial while slinging coffee. It wasn’t that long ago that two California sheriff deputies were refused service at a Starbucks, all because they were cops.

Starbucks has a very left-leaning culture that seems to draw in the social justice warriors. With over 8,000 locations, they can’t police each and every employee they have. The problem is that these social justice warriors are getting louder – and it’s not just at Starbucks.

Conservatives are finding the whole thing ridiculous. Many complain that they can’t even get a simple cup of coffee anymore without wondering if they’re going to be poisoned…or worse.

Now that Biden has said that he is not in support of defunding the police, what’s going to happen? The whole idea for the Dems was that they were going to get a president in office that would do what they wanted. How are they supposed to tear the country apart and build it into the socialist haven they want if Biden isn’t going to cooperate?

So much of the Democratic Party has been identifying that the violence is because of Trump. Trump is the one inciting the violence. They believe that if they can just get Trump out of the White House, there will be no more violence.

That is not the case – and it’s being proven by Biden’s words at the presidential debate and it’s being proven by the actions of social justice warriors throughout the country.

It’s getting to the point where everyone needs to keep their political thoughts to themselves – otherwise American society is going to be ruined. It’s already impossible to go to a football or basketball game without seeing all of the players take a stance. Now, it’s no longer safe to get a cup of coffee.

The supposed social justice warriors have big plans for what they want the country to be – and it starts with defunding the police. As the far left get louder about defunding, they’re going to want answers. And if they don’t get their answers, they’re going to get louder and rowdier about it. That means that Dems will have to figure out what they’re going to do about it. Too many Dem-run cities are already showing that they don’t want to do anything. If the liberals want to tear the city apart in an effort to demand defunding, they’re not going to do anything. And, they’ll release those being arrested, so being arrested is no longer a deterrent.

Peace is not going to be a possibility until the Dems figure out that they have to arrest and punish those who are crying for defunding in ways that are not peaceful. And a vote for Biden is not going to clear up the violence simply because Biden isn’t the left-liberal they were all hoping that he’d be. He’s literally the candidate that no one wants.