Proof Ukraine Wasn’t a Fluke: More Emails From Hunter Biden Show Him Trying to Rip off a Certain Superpower’s Citizen


Newly released information published by The New York Post and others showed strong evidence to support the claim that Hunter Biden, son of Democrat presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden, received an annual retainer of $10 million from a Chinese billionaire accused of widespread corruption. The same emails point to him seeking to increase their business dealings in an August 2017 email from Hunter Biden.

According to the Washington Times, Hunter claimed in the emails that the money was for “introductions alone.” Another email believed to have been sent to Hunter Biden says that a  10% stake in an unnamed company will go to “the big guy.” However, the “big guy” was not identified but it’s been speculated by many that the reference is to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The billionaire in question, Ye Jianming, was the chairman of the CEFC China Energy Co. conglomerate, during the time of Hunter Biden’s father’s vice presidency and continued chains of evidence have implicated not just Hunter but also Joe Biden. Still, the democratic nominee denies wrongdoing.

Despite the valiant effort of Twitter and other tech giants to cover for Biden, The New York Post has kept the allegations alive, with hopes of some sort of explanation from the would-be first family, just weeks before the big election.

Joe Biden told donors on Thursday that the stories are due to President Donald Trump, his political opponent, ratcheting up a “misinformation” campaign. However, Ye, 43, who has a confirmed connection to Hunter Biden through the emails, according to The Washington Times, “maintained close ties to the Chinese military and Communist Party, was accused by the government of corruption and vanished in 2018.”

Senate Republicans issued a report that showed that Hunter Biden “cashed in” on his father’s connections and proved the Biden-Ye connection and showing that Hunter and his father took Air Force 2 to China in 2013 to make business contacts.

The 2017 emails from Hunter Biden laid out what he expected from Ye, and his business associates in his August 2017 message with the Chinese billionaire.

“My understanding is that the original agreement with the Director was for consulting fees based on introductions alone a rate of $10 million per year for three years guarantee total of $30 million,” Hunter Biden wrote to Mr. Gongwen, a business associate of Ye’s. “The chairman [Mr. Ye] changed that deal after we me[t] in Miami TO A MUCH MORE LASTING AND LUCRATIVE ARRANGEMENT to create a holding company 50% percent owned by ME and 50% owned by him.

“Consulting fees is one piece of our income stream but the reason this proposal by the chairman was so much more interesting to me and my family is that we would also be partners in the equity and profits of the JV [joint venture].”

The email also detailed what would happen if the joint project didn’t work out saying, “then please return us to the original deal 10M per year a guaranteed 3 years plus bonus payments for any successful deal we introduce.”

The New York Post reached out to Hunter Biden’s lawyers, Joe Biden’s campaign along with a host of other key players in the story, but none have responded with a comment. However, Biden’s attorney previously said that he didn’t feel the need to address the accusations:

“There is no need for comment on any so-called information provided by Rudy Giuliani.

“He has been pushing widely discredited conspiracy theories about the Biden family, openly relying on actors tied to Russian intelligence. His record of dishonesty in these matters speaks for itself,” lawyer George Mesires added.