Over 2000 Vehicles, Trump Flags Flying, Caravan Through WV, PA, and OH…Biden Would Bankrupt Their States


Trump supporters don’t need an invitation to show their enthusiasm for the only guy they feel has any business running this great country. They’re excited by the prospect of America’s current commander-in-chief spending four more years accomplishing what none of his predecessors ever could.

On the other hand, Biden supporters are stumbling around in drug-induced commas with little excitement over having to vote for an old feeble guy they really didn’t want as their candidate in the first place. But, for better or for worse, they’re stuck with the ancient lifeless relic.

In Washington, Pennsylvania, an unofficial caravan of 300 vehicles met up in a large parking lot prior to heading to St. Clairsville, Ohio, to meet up with another large caravan. Many of the vehicles were pickup trucks with Trump flags proudly strapped to the rear of the beds.

Trump flags flapping in the wing, the group barreled down Highway 70, en route to Wheeling, WV. Other supporters joined up with the caravan along the way, and by the time they reached Wheeling, the vehicle count was somewhere around 2000.

“I can’t believe there aren’t any news people here,” said one of the participants. And indeed, with the exception of perhaps a few local reporters here and there, there were not. The event, mainly organized through FB, was of no interest to the major networks. It was too peaceful and positive for their tastes.

Another participant said, “We’re here because we believe he is the only way we’re going to have an economy in the future. You can have a pandemic and distance and be safe and not shut the economy down.” How much safer than a fully spaced-out car parade can you get?

The respective economies of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, are largely dependent on the gas and oil business. Where Biden in his roundabout wishy-washy way has vowed to bankrupt these states with his silly talk about windmills and such, Trump is a huge advocate of the industry the Obama administration all but destroyed.

When Trump was elected, Amy Savage, founder, and owner of Gas Safety Supply saw an immediate uptick within the oil and gas industry. “Immediately, the oil fields in Pennsylvania were getting back to work. They were drilling, drilling, drilling, and fracking, fracking, fracking. There were more oil and gas workers, more truck drivers, more hotels, more restaurants, more shopping centers. This area has exploded in the last three years with this influx of people. It was an economic explosion because you had a president standing behind the oil and gas industry in these three states, saying we need to be energy independent.”

“And now,” she continued, “Joe Biden is going to put an end to it. Anybody who watched the debate heard those words come out of his mouth. When I heard it, it sent chills down my spine. He’s going to pull the rug out from under these three states.”

Savage, whose business has suffered due to the pandemic, now spends much of her time organizing pro-Trump events, largely in Pennsylvania. She receives no help or funding from the Trump campaign. When asked about this, she said,  “We don’t have that kind of clout. We’re hard-working oil-field people, and we don’t have those kinds of connections.” Savage has never even met the president.

Trump campaign spokesperson, Tim Murtaugh, is fully aware of the private support being openly displayed all over the country by the president’s avid supporters. They’re pleased to have the help.

“Whether it’s road rallies or boat parades, the enthusiasm behind President Trump’s reelection is obvious and enormous,” he expressed. “People are finding their own ways of showing their support. Democrats and the media can scoff if they want, but they can’t point to any examples of similar grassroots excitement for Joe Biden because there isn’t any.”

Several other comments by participants in the three-state vehicle parade were, “We like to think God’s got this,” “I think there’s a lot of people who are shy supporters,” and “I know people in their 50s who haven’t voted in their entire lives, and they’re going to vote for Trump.”

While the liberal media intentionally ignores the positivity of the huge and peaceful Trump Train rolling through our nation, we know better. If you want to see violence and destruction, you’ll find it on the left. Keep those flags flying.