Liberals Attack Portland as Election Draws Near


As November draws near, the liberals are becoming more restless. Their hunger for power fuels their violent attitudes and actions towards people who would vote against their precious candidates. Liberals turn violent when they feel that there nothing less for them to fight with. Their Democratic leaders tell them that it is acceptable to bash someone’s face in if they disagree with their insane logic.

The liberals in Portland, Oregon, have once again taken to the streets to burn down and destroy anything or person that gets in their way. Seventy-five rioters took off on a path of destruction towards the Portland Police Association office. They all had vehicles that supported their destructive behavior.

These rioters have fashioned themselves into a small invasion force with their vehicles of support. They have declared war on American freedoms and the right to be free. As they marched through town, they set fire to a billboard and threatened the peace and security of others around them.

The police were waiting for them as they showed up at the police building. The liberals paraded themselves as above the law as they destroyed property that was not theirs to destroy. These invaders put the lives of others in danger, and they blame the police for being violent.

The truth about the Portland police is that they care about everyone. As the riot moved around, the police told people to stay out of their way and “be courteous to your neighbors.” They also stated, “Do not vandalize buildings.” As if to tell them that if they get violent, there is going to be war.

These 75 anti-American people blocked traffic and took down traffic signs to help create a significant city disturbance. They climbed onto the roofs of buildings to cause trouble. These are the Democrats that are voting for Biden because he does not support law and order. Instead, he supports chaos and crime.

This crowd of criminals burnt down a billboard sign that supported the police. It read, “WAKE UP AMERICA!” and “THANK YOU PORTLAND POLICE BUREAU.” It was not their sign to burn. They set it on fire because they do not support the police.

At some point during the night, the police had to start warning of penalties for violence. There was no peace at this demonstration. It was solely to harm the brave men and women of the Portland police department.

The police continued to say things like, “Stay off buildings, do not light fires, and remain on the sidewalk. If you engage in criminal activity you could be arrested and subject to use of force to include crowd control agents, impact weapons, and/or tear gas.”

Liberals are the enemy of the country. They have no respect for the laws of the land or the legal ways to make changes. Their version of freedom comes at the expense of personal liberty.

The police association building is the latest target of the lunatic liberals. Over the past several months, they have tried to burn it down on multiple occasions. And each time, the police have had to move in and put the fires out.

The recent attacks by the liberals are just another way that they are trying to keep people from going to the polls. But what they are doing is forcing people to vote against their candidate. Most people love living in a place where law and order make way for peaceful living.

Portland is just one of the many liberal controlled places that are suffering under Democrat rule. Liberal leaders continue to put crime before peace. They laugh as businesses are burned down, and lives are lost.

President Trump puts life and liberty before crime and violence. He will not support the actions of the people that determined to destroy the American way of life. President Trump has the support of every major police union and association. He is set to win big in the election in a few short weeks. And the criminals plaguing the streets of American cities will take flight because there will be nothing to protect them from the justice that is coming for them.