Is the Dems’ Election Fraud Plan Working? Early Results Are In


Each party is experiencing their own anxieties as the election draws nearer. The GOP is playing the numbers game. Since a wide range of mail-in ballots have already been submitted, it is time to take a closer look at the Democrat’s election fraud plans. Are they working as well as they would have hoped?

Democrats are obviously more likely to decide to vote by mail than their Republican counterparts. A South Carolina Quinnipiac poll contained some shocking statistics in this regard. 88% of Trump voters who were polled say that they are going to be voting in person. Only 9% of these voters will be using mail-in ballots.

It is fair to assume that many of these people probably have legitimate reasons for doing so. Meanwhile, only 54% of Biden’s voters who were polled say that they are going to be voting in person. Republicans who are scared about a cavalcade of mail-in ballots that have been filed out illegally now have big questions to grapple with.

Is the Democratic party experiencing a major shift in how their voters cast their ballots? Or does this mean that there is going to be a huge turnout of Democratic voters this year? These are the questions that are keeping Republican observers up at night. The early numbers in states like North Carolina and Florida are terrifying.

The Washington Post also obtained data about similar voting patterns that are taking place in Ohio, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. One Republican strategist who is closely involved in the race claims to be horrified. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, they asked the tough questions that have yet to be answered.

“You see these numbers in a state like North Carolina, and how can you not be concerned?” they wondered aloud. Republicans might be able to offset these numbers if they are able to turn out in droves once Election Day rolls around. The COVID-19 pandemic is a massive X factor here. No one knows exactly how it is going to affect the willingness of Trump voters when it comes to venturing outside.

Let’s say that a number of swing states are experiencing fresh outbreaks when the election finally arrives. Why would someone feel comfortable risking their health to vote at that point? Seniors and citizens who have preexisting conditions that may have been looking to vote for Trump before could opt to stay inside.

Mail-in votes could have helped the party and kept these people from having to make a tough decision come November. McConnell has already spoken with Trump on the matter. Trump is probably acting out of self-interest if we are being honest. If he loses because of mail-in voting, this allows him to travel the country for the rest of his days, yelling at anyone who will listen about the fact that he was cheated out of a second term.

Trump can’t embrace mail-in voting because if he still loses, there’s nothing to rely upon for a fallback explanation. He would simply have to take the loss and go back to the Trump Tower. There is even one political scientist who believes that voter turnout could surpass the 2016 election before Election Day has even arrived. Democrats shouldn’t have much to be anxious about, given these suddenly advantageous circumstances.

However, they are worried that Trump could try to exploit mail-in voting in his own ways. There are also concerns about “naked ballots”, where voters forget to place their ballots in the secrecy envelope that is provided. If Biden manages to lose a race he already won because of improper mailing procedures, the country will fall into even greater chaos.

Both parties can relax a bit, though. The doomsday scenarios about mail-in voting ballots taking weeks and months to count are not true. We should have a solid idea of who won before we head to bed on Election Night. Same-day results would help a great deal, as Americans would be more likely to believe the results are on the up and up.