Gingrich Shows Confidence on How Georgia Will Vote


The state of Georgia has a long history of being a red state. In the past five general elections, the state’s electoral votes went to a Republican president. The last time they went Democratic was in 1992. Yet, somehow, Joe Biden feels pretty confident that he’ll win the state.

Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker and one who represented the 6th District of Georgia for 20 years, is confident that Trump will win Georgia. In fact, he’s so confident that he says that Trump will do it by at least six percentage points.

When Gingrich spoke to “Bill Hemmer Reports,” he explained that the polls are “just wrong” when they show that Trump and Biden are in a dead heat with each receiving 47.2 percent.

The polls all across the country seem to be off – especially as many people talk about the sleeper cells of Trump supporters. “There is a fantasy that this is the time the Democrats will win,” Gingrich says. However, too many people are looking at the countless ways in which Democratic leadership has failed their state – and they don’t want to invite those problems nationwide.

One of the reasons why Gingrich is so confident about Trump winning not only Georgia but his reelection is that there are plenty of Trump supporters who won’t tell anyone. He emphasizes that there’s a large silent vote but people choose not to speak up because they are intimidated.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that Trump is trailing Biden by 17 points in Wisconsin. This is despite the way that Trump supporters are showing up in masses with the Democratic ticket can’t seem to get nearly as many supporters showing up. It’s one of the reasons why Gingrich calls the poll “junk.” He went as far as saying that he’d bet $1,000 to a favorite charity that whoever was responsible for the poll was off by at least 15 points.

Gingrich isn’t the first one to point out that polls all around the country are way off. It seems as if the Dems have taken to lying about the polls just so that they can have their little victories. If they say that the polls show Biden leading, it must mean that he’ll win, right?

It’s amazing how quickly they have forgotten some recent history. Four years ago, the liberal media was already celebrating Hillary Clinton’s victory. The polls showed that she was in the lead, so the Dems made the assumption that she would be president. And they were wrong, oh so wrong.

The Dems will use the polls as a way to question the validity of the voting. If the polls show Biden in the lead, he has to win. Otherwise, it’s Russian interference. They pulled the same thing back in 2016, yet it was proven that the interference was a hoax. Clinton may have won the popular vote but Trump brought it home across the country by having more votes from the Electoral College.

Joe Biden is showing his confidence in the polls. He believes that “if we win Georgia, we win everything.” He believes that Georgia is no longer a red state but a battleground state.

Isn’t that convenient? He also believes that Texas is a battleground state although it’s been a red state for decades.

If that’s the case, then there are plenty of other states that need to be considered battleground states that have traditionally been blue, including Wisconsin and Minnesota. Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 and it’s likely that he’ll do it again. The same goes for Michigan.

Biden is believing the polls in the same way that Clinton believed them in 2016. The reality is that polls are wrong because there are too many Trump supporters who choose not to say anything – they simply allow their thoughts to be known on the ballots.

If the liberal media continues to lie, they’re in for a big surprise come November.