Dr. Ben Carson Explains the Manipulation of the Race Card


Dr. Ben Carson is shedding light on an issue that we’ve been seeing more and more: the issue of the race card. More and more people are using race as a way to divide the country.

During the general elections, it’s supposed to be about the candidates talking about how to bring America together. Instead, there’s Black Lives Matter creating a giant divide throughout the country.

“All lives can’t matter until black lives matter.” This is a common phrase being touted at the riots. No one ever said that black lives don’t matter. The problem is that the riots and protesters are being indiscriminate. They’ll beat up a black person just as quickly as they’ll beat up a white person. They’ll loot a black owner’s business just as easily as a white owner’s business.

It’s not about black lives. It’s about using race as a tool to divide the country. And it’s working.

Dr. Ben Carson, a past presidential nominee and current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development explains that the forces creating civil unrest are manipulative. They’re creating chaos for the very purpose of dividing Americans.

Carson explains that he’s seen race issues before when growing up in the 1950s. He said that there’s been a lot of progress, but this election season is different. He said that in order to create chaos, it’s critical to divide people on everything – race, gender, age, and income.

He goes on to say that Americans are not each other’s enemies. Most Americans will be able to agree on about 90 percent of the issues if they were to sit down and talk. He said that the manipulators take the 10 percent that isn’t agreed on and “keep throwing it in front of your face. Night after night, day after day.” This is where we’re at right now.

The chaos is manipulative because US history is imperfect. Even though people have good lives, they’re convinced that they’re victims because slavery and Jim Crow and other things existed. Those people may have never experienced any of those things, but the manipulative forces convince people that they are still owed something.

Then, as Carson goes into detail, that the other part of society – white people are made to be the bad guys. Guilt and victimhood, he says, is a bad combination. It also leads to bad policies – such as the Dems allowing the violence in the name of peaceful protests.

When Carson is asked about the Trump administration, he backs Trump. He explains that Trump doesn’t give in to the media. He says, “He’s probably the most transparent person we’ve ever had in that office.”  That’s the breath of fresh air that got him voted into office, to begin with. He’s not a politician. He speaks his mind. He knows that the media doesn’t like him anyway, so there’s no need to beat around the bush.

Carson has a message for Americans. It’s important for everyone to realize that there are manipulative forces at work that are designed to create chaos. He wants everyone to take a stand for their values and what they believe in.

There are freedoms guaranteed within the Constitution – freedom of speech, religion, and more. It takes everyone to stand up for those freedoms. Now is not the time to cower in the corner and wait to be called a racist or some other name. Without people standing up for their rights, the left wins. Freedoms are lost.

The left is trying to change the country. They’re trying to turn it into something it was never meant to be. And in order to do that, they need to turn people against each other. Only when there is a clashing of people can such a thing be accomplished. The problem is that it can only happen if people aren’t willing to take a stand.

Race is just being used as a divisive tool. Our history may be imperfect but we have to stand united to fight for our future as a country that offers the freedoms we know and love.