Democrats Try to Delay Vaccine Only to Face Rejection


President Trump is on the path to healing. He is not about to let a virus keep him from working for the people. He promised four years ago to make America great and to keep the nation secure. One of the ways that he has to keep Americans safe is by improving the healthcare system and pushing the need for effective vaccines against viral infections such as COVID-19.

The president has promised a rapid pace in developing a vaccine. And that means expediting the process by taking away the red tape that keeps vaccines from reaching the people. Right now, it takes two or three years before a vaccine can be used on people.

The reason for such a long-time frame is because it needs to be safe. But the COVID-19 vaccine has been used and tested with no trouble. When the need warrants such a rapid response because people are dying, it makes sense to push what works to the public ahead of timely testing.

Several health officials had proposed new vaccine guidelines in an effort to delay the release of a vaccine until the election is over. But President Trump promised the people that one is coming soon, and he intends on delivering on that promise. His actions of blocking any and all attempts to prolong the agony of infected people is just one way he cares about people.

The Democrats love the idea of delaying a vaccine until after the election because that means the president could not come through on a promise. And that is precisely what they need to smear President Trump with.

The agency that is being used to delay the vaccine is the Food and Drug Administration. They are the ones tasked with making sure food and drugs are safe for human consumption. The New York Times state that the FDA wanted a guidance date of September 21. This means that the vaccine trial subjects would be required to be examined for a time period of two months. This put the approval almost to the end of the year.

The president is stating that the time frame is too long. People need medicine now to feel better. The FDA Commissioner is Dr. Stephen M. Hahn, and he said that “We are committed to expediting the development of COVID-19 vaccines, but not at the expense of sound science and decision making. We will not jeopardize the public’s trust in our science-based, independent review of these or any vaccines. There’s too much at stake.”

His words that the approval process will be dictated on “science and data, not politics” scream Democratic approval. President Trump is not making this political. He is merely stating that it is time to move forward and stop holding back on the basis of helping the Democrats win one battle.

Hahn makes these statements like he really cares, but the White House spokesperson Mark Meadows says that Hahn is influenced by career scientists who work in his agency. He has been influenced by Trump-hating people to delay the vaccine based on the grounds of making him look bad.

No one is saying that the vaccines should not be safe. The statement signed by leading biopharmaceutical executives is a moot point. It stated that “The safety and efficacy of vaccines, including any potential vaccine for COVID-19, is reviewed and determined by expert regulatory agencies around the world, such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” It’s pointless because the president wants the same thing.

The fact is that those that are developing the vaccine are delaying because it is an election year. They all have been funded well with the purpose of developing a vaccine in record time. To use the money and then backpedal on its release is a political statement.

President Trump wants as soon as possible because lives are at stake. People are watching their loved ones die, and the Democrats are sitting back silently watching their actors delay things so they can point the finger at the president and claim that he failed at delivering on a promise.