Crazy Liberal Uses Shotgun to Try to Kill a Man Driving With a Trump Flag


Democrats are going crazy as the election draws near. There are reports that they are stealing Trump signs from yards and even vandalism of personal property. Places such as Portland and Seattle are under siege by liberal supporting groups marching through the streets, trying to burn everything in sight. Face to face contact of liberals and conservatives usually ends up with the liberal attacking their opponent physically.

A Democrat in Maryland took it upon himself to try and permanently eliminate one Republican voter forever. Douglas Kuhn is a Biden lover. He pulled out his shotgun and aimed at a President Trump supporter that had a flag on his truck. Once Neal Houk was targeted, Kuhn took the shot and nearly killed the Trump supporter.

Kuhn sat on his porch with a Biden flag in his yard, thinking he was king of the block. When Houk drove by, and Kuhn saw the flag, apparently, he went crazy.

The interesting part here is that most Democrats do not support gun laws, so there would not be any reason for Kuhn to have a shotgun in the first place. Of course, this only proves Democrats live a double standard.

Kuhn was a terrible shot as he missed both men in the truck. Houk honked his horn at Kuhn as if to tell him, “hi.” But the Biden lover acted like all of the rest of the Democrats that hate Republicans.

Once President Trump wins office, the liberals of America are going to lose their minds. And the media wonders why gun sales are going through the roof. Republicans are going to need to protect themselves from the crazy liberals.

The Kingsville, Maryland police showed up in force and took Kuhn into custody. He was such a lousy shot that they really were not worried about their safety. The 50-year-old man was arrested on several assault accounts. His charges were filed, and the judge denied him bail.

It is good to know that the liberals are not above the law. At least the lousy Democrats emptied their jails so their followers will have a place to stay after the election. Houk stated that they saw Kuhn putting a Black Lives Matter sign. His liberal beliefs were spilling out into his yard.

Houk noted that “He reached down,” Houk told the station. “He had a shotgun right there, pulled it out and pointed it right at us. And we were in disbelief. Next thing we heard was a shotgun blast. We see what’s going on in the country, and I really didn’t expect it right here at home.”

The 12-gauge weapon was more than enough to kill both men in the truck. Kuhn’s defense as to why he took a shot at the men is because his signs have been vandalized in the past. But that is still not a good enough reason to try and murder someone of a different political view.

Democrats everywhere are out of their minds. They act and speak like Joe Biden. But at least he has an excuse for the way that he talks. His dementia is a nasty thing to try and live with.

Yard signs are hardly something to murder someone over. It is not right for anyone to steal or damage signs that do not belong to them. But Democrats think that it is fine to attack Republicans at rallies and tear down their signs. And yet they cry like babies when it happens to them.

Houk’s son was, at one time, a significant leader in the Towson College Republicans group. That group stated that “We are very thankful that both Brad and his father are unharmed, and the shooter is in custody.” Democrats go around thinking that their lives are in danger from conservatives, but there has never been an attack on them.

President Trump is ready to go for the next four years. All he needs is the approval of the people to march forward. The Democrats have shown that they are only running in the election for themselves. They have no intention of helping people or making the country better.