Cancel Culture Comes for Perdue Chicken… All Because of a Senator Mishap


Liberals across the country get outraged over the smallest things – and then they look to lash out at the first thing that they can find. It’s how the cancel culture came to be. The liberals simply choose to cancel something out as retribution for being insulted.

Perdue Chicken found themselves on the proverbial chopping block this past week after Senator Perdue had the audacity to mispronounce Kamala Harris’ name.

Senator David Perdue, a Republican in Georgia, recently went on stage to announce Donald Trump. In doing so, he also mentioned Kamala Harris. He stumbled over her name and made a bit of a joke while doing so. It wasn’t meant to be insulting or degrading. Kamala isn’t a common name and a number of people struggle with the pronunciation. Likely out of embarrassment, Perdue tried to end his struggle by saying, “I don’t know, whatever.”

Well, how dare he. Outraged liberals across the country lashed out, calling him “gross” and a “disgusting racist.”

People mispronounce names all the time. John Travolta flubbed Idina Menzel’s name during the 2014 Oscars. It wasn’t meant as an insult or to be racist. It was simply a flub. And Menzel got him back at the 2015 Oscars by mispronouncing his name on purpose. They joked and all was forgiven.

Perdue has already publicly apologized for the pronunciation of Harris’s name and said that he “meant no disrespect.”

But liberals want to take this as some grave insult to Kamala Harris – the same Kamala Harris that they were disappointed to hear was the VP pick. Now that she’s officially on the ticket, they have no choice but to love her and defend her. So much so that they’re willing to cancel Perdue Chicken.

Whoa, now. The problem with this is that the liberals haven’t even bothered to do their homework. So, who is disgusting and gross, now? Just because the senator has the same last name as the chicken company doesn’t mean they have anything to do with one another.

And the chicken company has been very quick to point out that they are not to be associated with Senator Perdue. They’ve been tweeting to anyone and everyone who mentions them or mentions the possibility of a boycott to say that Senator David Perdue has no affiliation with the Perdue brand.

They’ve been so nervous about being canceled that they’ve also sent out tweets to say, “We are in no connection to David Perdue. We are a 4th generation, family-owned poultry company. Glad we could clear that up.”

Jon Ossoff, the Democratic opponent who is going after the same Georgia Senate seat, said he has raised $1 million since Perdue’s mishap. He talks about how Georgia needs a leader instead of a “schoolyard bully” and that Perdue should take responsibility and apologize.

Well, Perdue has apologized. But, that’s not enough, apparently.

Kamala Harris has yet to respond, though her press secretary, Sabrina Singh has said, “well that is incredibly racist.” She went on to say that he should be voted out and to vote for Ossoff. Well, we didn’t really think that a Democrat would suddenly promote a Republican, did we?

Is Jon Ossoff being any better about the situation? He refers to the way that Perdue messed up on the name as “vile, race-baiting trash.” That’s a great way to make sure that everyone continues to be divisive. Whatever happened to allowing an apology to happen and moving on?

The Democrats continue to make race issues where they don’t belong. Meanwhile, the cancel culture almost snagged the largest producer of chicken in the United States – all because they shared the same name. This all has to stop –sometimes, a name is messed up and people move on. It’s as if every liberal has forgotten that Biden, their presidential candidate, once called a student a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.”