Beto Is Betting His Race Hoaxing Lincoln Project Will Turn Texas Blue


Beto O’Rourke has high hopes for Texas in the upcoming election. He seems to think that he has a chance of making the state go blue, which is about as funny as it gets. You can’t blame a man for trying, though. Republican voters have nothing to worry about, in our opinion. We all know that Beto is going to come up short because that is simply what he does.

He continues to persist because he has nothing better to do with his time. O’Rourke could not gain any traction in the Democratic primary. He failed to beat out Ted Cruz for his Senate seat as well. Beto received lots of love and support from Hollywood elites during this time but no one else seemed to care that much.

We enjoyed him finding ways to wedge his music taste into discussions. “Hey kids, we like the same bands, so vote for me” was basically his entire platform in a nutshell. Texans are not the type to be impressed by politicians who think they are celebrities. They want someone who actually has substantial plans and ways to get things done.

Instead, Beto thinks he can show up, be a liberal and the job is already done for him. Maybe he believes that the third time is going to be the charm? No one knows and quite frankly, we are not about to spend a lot of time on the research aspect. We think that we have a rough idea of Beto’s reasoning at the moment.

He thinks that he can get ahead by ripping a few pages out of the Joe Biden playbook. Powered by People, which is a PAC that was launched by Beto as a means of organizing grassroots efforts that are specifically designed to provide a Democrat boost during the 2020 election cycle for seats in the Texas House of Representatives, is planning on holding their own phone bank very soon.

Beto is going to be joined by a host of celebrities because that’s how the Democrats roll. When you don’t actually have any policies to provide, you need to rely on star power. Kudos to him for getting Oprah Winfrey on board, she’s probably a tough ask. In addition to Oprah, Beto is also enlisting the help of Willie Nelson and Bernie Sanders.

Andrew Yang, Stacey Abrams and Julian Castro are all coming along for the ride, too. “So on Monday, October 12th, we will host the Calling Texas: Million Voter Phone Bank, and we won’t be doing it alone,” said O’Rourke in a recent e-mail that The Dallas Morning News was able to obtain. “Here’s where the big news that I was telling you about comes in. We’ll be joined on the phone bank by (get this!!): Oprah Winfrey, Willie Nelson, Bernie Sanders, Julian Castro, Stacey Abrams and Andrew Yang, among others.”

Younger voters and newer residents of the state are being targeted. Dyed in the wool Texans are not about to be impressed enough to forget their political values. Anyone who would expect such a thing is in for the rudest of awakenings very soon. Since the Texas House is a mere 9 seats away from Democratic control, it is easy to see why Beto is getting excited.

Operation Sam Houston is coming from the same folks that started the Lincoln Project. This is the initiative that is supposed to make Texas turn blue. “Texas has been moving towards a swing state for many cycles now,” says Lincoln Project co-founder Mike Madrid. “Donald Trump has dramatically accelerated that trend.”

While these folks would like to blame everything on Trump, this state was becoming a battleground even before he was elected. The Republicans are not going to change their minds on him. They did not find him to be a racist before the last election and they are not going to start now. Beto’s little plan is not going to get him as far as he would like.