Yes, the Oregon Fires Really Are Man-Made! Woman Catches Arsonist Red Handed (Video)


When an Oregon woman caught a man on her property over the weekend, she never could have expected what would happen next. This was not some ordinary intruder. He was an arsonist. The woman sprung into action immediately, holding him at gunpoint until the authorities arrived. She was quick to let him know how lucky he was.

If her husband had been the one to catch him, he may not have had the chance to plead his case to the authorities. The mainstream media wanted nothing to do with this story because they want everyone to believe in the horrors of climate change. Any evidence that the fires are man made is too much for them to handle.

The narrative that they have already hatched have come too far now. They can’t risk any sort of backlash at this point. The video speaks for itself and the people are not going to allow themselves to be lied to any longer. The arrests are piling up and we are wondering when any media outlet will be ready to tell the truth about these matters.

This man should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Arson is not something that can be tolerated under any circumstances. After a summer spent watching American cities burn, this is the last thing that anyone wants to be seeing. Who was this man with and why was he setting fires in the midst of all this unrest?

Some believe that he is with Antifa, while others are linking the crime to the Black Lives Matter groups. This woman was probably too kind to the arsonist but she did the right thing. It is better to allow the authorities to handle these types of things. If she had done what she wanted to do, she would have been painted as the bad guy by the liberal media.

Nowadays, you essentially have to let everyone else walk all over you or you are considered a member of the right wing. Anyone who wants to protect their property or anyone else’s property is cast as a villain in the media. Just ask the McCloskeys in St. Louis, who are facing charges despite the fact that their guns (which were only used as a form of protection) were found to be non functional.

We are sure that this story is going to get swept under the rug with all of the others before too long. The mainstream media has been benefiting from the sheer amount of terrible things that are happening this year. They can always claim that they did not cover a story because there were so many other things that needed to be discussed.

Plausible deniability is all they need at this point, especially now that the election is right around the corner. We are just six weeks away from the big day and there is going to be much to discuss between now and then. Surely, there’s no time to discuss the rash of arson that is taking place all up and down the west coast at the moment.

Some are pointing out certain facts about the fires that do not make sense, either. For example, why wouldn’t these fires have crossed over into Canada? It seems strange that they would stop right by the border like that. Facts like these are always left out of the discussions. That’s why so many people are getting frustrated with the whole narrative.

The rest of America is now left to sit and wait. They are not being told the truth and they know it. Unfortunately, the rest of the country is not nearly as gullible as the mainstream media would like them to be. We hope that the actual truth about this incident comes out before it is too late. Americans deserve to know what is really going on when it comes to this rash of fires.