Weak Pleas Versus a President Who Cares About Kenosha


Why is it that Democratic governors think that they have more power over their states than the President of the United States? Luckily for the residents of Kenosha, Tony Evers is powerless to keep Trump out of Wisconsin.

Tony Evers begged Trump not to visit Kenosha. The story that he’s using is that the president’s presence is only going to leave the city in more unrest. Within the letter, it read that “I, along with other community leaders who have reached out, are concerned about what your presence will mean for Kenosha and our state.”

Imagine that a president who was elected due to more states wanting him than Hillary Clinton is now being told that his presence could lead to violence. Sure. The reality is that Evers doesn’t want to admit that he has allowed the city to fall to the protesters. His ineptitude at being a governor has prevented him from gaining control of the situation.

When Joe Biden originally announced that he would leave his basement to visit Kenosha, he was welcomed. Then, Biden decided that he was going to retreat.

Trump has a history of going to areas of unrest. Whether there are riots, shootings, or even destruction from a hurricane, Trump visits in order to show support. He tells the residents that they are not alone and that they will receive help from the federal government.

What Trump does by visiting these cities is nothing new. Any good president will do such a thing. It shows camaraderie and support.

Additionally, if Trump were not to visit Kenosha, he would be showing weakness. He would be showing that he doesn’t care. The liberal media would not show it as he was honoring the governor’s request. So, Trump is damned either way – so he might as well visit Kenosha to see the situation for himself and offer support in any way that he can.

Kenosha is in a sad state of affairs. The real problem is that Evers already had a guide of what not to do. All he had to do was look toward Portland and not repeat the same steps. Instead, he coddled Antifa and let the riots continue night after night. Maybe he sees Portland as the city to model – and the residents of Portland have been dealing with civil unrest for over 10 weeks.

The governor knows that the Dems have created the violence. He also knows that the GOP is aware of this. Especially now that Biden won’t go to Kenosha in order to address all of the violence, it’s that more important for Trump to do it.

The rioting is supposed to be due to the police brutality exhibited toward Jacob Blake, a man who was shot because he reached into his car AFTER the cops told him not to and AFTER the cops already had their guns pulled. Black had a felony warrant out on him – and the cops were doing what they have been trained to do.

The reality is that the residents of Kenosha are looking forward to Trump’s visit. Although Evers wants to paint a different picture, supervisors from the Kenosha County Board have sent a letter to Trump encouraging his visit. They were asking that he did not cancel the plans and that “Kenoshans are hurting and looking for leadership, and your leadership in this time of crisis is greatly appreciated by those devastated by the violence in Kenosha.”

Well, isn’t that interesting. So, most of Kenosha is siding with the Trump administration and grateful for the federal assistance that has been provided. It leads to the big question…what is Evers trying to hide?

Oh, you know – that the liberal media has been lying and that he is a governor incapable of getting a small town under control. And the Dems continue to wonder why Trump is gaining in the polls.