Watch How Trump Reacts! Thousands of Supporters Chant “We Love You” at Trump Rally


A Trump rally that took place in Winston-Salem, North Carolina had an unexpectedly poignant moment last night. Thousands of the president’s supporters turned out for the event. When the crowd began to chant “we love you”, President Trump was completely overwhelmed. He’s been through the wringer lately, to say the least.

Of course, it’s always nice to receive some positive reinforcement and the president is no different in this regard. His supporters let him know that he is doing a great job, in their eyes. According to North Carolina GOP chairman Michael Whatley, there were at least 15,000 people in attendance. From the looks of it, Trump supporters are getting more comfortable with these events.

Back when Trump attempted to have a rally in Tulsa, he was only able to draw about 6,000 supporters to the venue. There were greater concerns about the pandemic at the time and counter protesters were doing everything in their power to intimidate attendees. While the COVID-19 pandemic is still shuttering numerous events, President Trump provided a rally for his supporters that went off without a hitch.

This rally was arranged outdoors, so that those who chose to attend would be kept safe. It took place at the tarmac of Smith Reynolds Airport, as opposed to a hangar (for safety reasons, of course). His last rally at Arnold Palmer Airport in Latrobe, Pennsylvania was held in a hangar but these locations can typically only hold a few thousand people.

The overflow crowd was forced to head outside and this crowd was reportedly much larger than the crowd in the hangar. That’s why the president and his campaign team elected to adjust their strategy, choosing a larger outdoor space that could safely accommodate everyone. Dan Scavino’s video of Trump’s arrival shows the sheer size and scope of the crowd.

The president took the scenic route when it was time to head to the stage, so that he could make direct contact with the folks in the back. Amy Kremer was kind enough to post the “We love you!” chant and it is a sight to see. The Democrats may have believed that they had the polls on lock but anyone who is seeing this video knows that Trump still has more than his fair share of supporters.

There is a complete video of the rally for anyone that wants to check it out for themselves and there are plenty of photos of the massive turnout. We would like to see the Democrats try and deny the existence of these crowds. While they would like everyone to think that the upcoming election is a foregone conclusion, the Trump campaign is working hard to close any and all gaps.

Whether these gaps are real or perceived is anyone’s guess. During the months leading up to an election, you can find a poll that supports essentially any point of view that you would like to have. It isn’t until the day draws nearer that we are able to learn more about the more realistic prognostications.

Even the hardest and most jaded Republicans are sure to crack a smile or two at this video. In fact, there are some who may even shed a tear or two. In a country that is doing its best to convince everyone that this is the party of evil, these rally photos and videos paint a vastly different picture. The president has been vilified a great deal over the course of his tenure and there is no denying that.

Despite all of the slings and arrows, he still comes out swinging. Now that he is able to travel a bit more freely and hold rallies on a more regular basis, we look forward to more clips like these. There are still roughly two months before election day and there is a lot of work to be done. This is one man who knows how to roll up his sleeves.