Watch! Biden Supporter Beats 84 Year Old Woman at Trump Rally


Alvin Gary Shaw recently made a decision that could change his entire life. The 33 year old man decided to head to a Trump rally looking for trouble. He found it, that is for sure. This tough guy decided that he wanted to start brawling with the elderly. He is said to have beat up two senior citizens at the event.

In fact, one of them is an 84-year-old woman. We are sure that he is very proud of himself for what he has done. This horrific beating took place in Aliso Viejo. The leftists love to pretend that the right is responsible for all of the violence in this country. This man is the one who is out slapping old people across the face, though.

Reverse the situations and the mainstream media would be crying all day about how Trump’s base is so mean and unable to play nice with others. As if this were not enough, he even burned the woman’s Trump sign. It’s the sort of cruelty that you simply don’t expect to see in these types of circumstances.

Political disagreements have been getting physical on a regular basis as of late. We are at the point where we are wondering just how bad things are going to get. The leftists did not handle the last Trump victory well and we are sure that they are going to struggle this time, too. They were taking to the streets to protest the results before and now we shudder to think of how angry they will be.

After all, they had four years to sit and fume about the current circumstances. According to a report from CBS Local, this is not the only person that he attacked. “He took his hand way back like he was going to punch me, and [he] hit me right across the face,” Donna Snow said. “Broke my earrings off,” the 84 year old woman continued.

Fortunately for this woman, there happened to be a retired police officer on the scene who was able to diffuse things. The man tried to run away from the scene after the attack but the officer held him at gunpoint. Another rally attendee who tried their best to help the others was knocked down during the melee. Someone else was taken to the hospital because of a neck injury that they suffered.

Alvin Gary Shaw now finds himself in hot water. He was taken into custody and faces a litany of charges. He has been charged with assault and battery, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. Not to worry, though. We are more than sure that the leftists have a plan to bail him out. They love raising money from clueless progressives to bail out people that they do not know from a hole in the wall.

You would think that they would learn from these mistakes but they have yet to do so. Why couldn’t these people have their rally in peace? They deserved better than having this violent man in their midst. If not for the presence of the retired officer, who knows how far this might have gone? Anyone who is willing to beat up an old lady is probably a bit unhinged.

The hate that is dividing our nation is not going anywhere. The same progressives who claim to care deeply about these divisions are usually the first ones to celebrate these attacks. We are willing to bet that they are laughing about it on social media as we speak. They are the same ones that laughed about the officers who were shot in Los Angeles.

We are just ready for the election to be over. Obviously, the issues are not going to go away in one day but at least we will have some form of closure. The leftists won’t let the 2016 election go and these feelings have been festering for some time. We just hope that they do not bubble over any further.