Watch! Biden Cheating With Earpiece During CNN Townhall


Bombard is a body language expert who has a well-known website. is a fun visit, for sure. Like so many other Americans, he is concerned about Joe Biden. He is under the belief that Biden is experiencing elder abuse. It’s clear for the world to see that he is struggling to get through this campaign.

The latest video from Bombard is an explosive one. You have probably heard the allegations about Biden’s teleprompter reliance. Now, he is taking this insanity one step further. According to Bombard, he is not able to answer the questions he is being lobbed without the usage of an earpiece. This is a very devastating clip.

A day is going to come when Biden experiences a technical difficulty and that’s what we cannot wait for. The earpieces and teleprompters may have saved the old man so far but how much longer can this last? It’s only September and he is already struggling badly. He can’t possibly expect to get away with this one forever.

Maybe the Republicans can figure out a way to jam the frequency? All jokes aside, it’s going to be hilarious when he is asked a question that they cannot feed him the answer to fast enough. Mind you, this is the candidate that the Democrats deemed the most electable. He can’t get through a simple speech without help, making us wonder how unfit the other candidates were.

Of course, it’s not about who is fit and who is not. It’s all about who is chosen by Barack Obama. The other candidates may have been able to handle the campaign trail a bit better but they simply did not have the same name value. Name value does not do you much good when you are becoming infamous for these types of gaffes, though.

Obama is going to come to regret this decision. He muscled all of the other candidates out of his buddy’s way before they even had the chance to prove their own worth. That’s not to say people would have been any more enthusiastic about Mayor Pete or Andrew Yang. These were flawed candidates as well. There’s one major difference that few are willing to discuss.

They would have been able to handle the basic elements of a presidential campaign! The only thing that is holding Biden’s campaign together is the pandemic. It has provided him with all of the excuses that he needs to stay in the house. What would he have been doing otherwise? He probably would have needed to pick a running mate much sooner.

Harris is the one who is going to get saddled with all of the tasks that Joe is too sleepy to handle. Does he know that he can’t get Barack to do the job for him? It’s hard to see him excelling as the president, on the off chance that he lands the gig. To be fair, Biden does not look as spry as he did a few years ago.

If you take a look at his speeches during the vice presidency, the difference is night and day. The Biden of ten years ago might have been able to rise to the occasion but he simply looks tired and worn out now. While there are plenty of laughs to be had, we find ourselves wondering if this is the best thing for his mental health. Elder abuse is not the laughing matter that some may think it is.

That’s why the Democrats would have been better off with a younger candidate. Biden would be 81 years old by the time his first term was complete. If this seems a bit much to you, you are not alone. The leftists are remaining silent on this one but we are pretty sure that they are shuddering at the idea of a Biden presidency, too. The old moderate is not going to acquiesce to their wishes.