Trump’s on Fire Crisscrossing the Country While Biden’s Hiding – Again


The “no days off” ethos that fuels so many of us has been lost on the Biden campaign, that is for sure. Meanwhile, President Trump is steadfastly refusing to take any time off. He is continuing to shake hands, kiss babies and spend time with as many voters as he can. All Biden did this weekend was head to his granddaughter’s confirmation and that was all she wrote.

He was more than comfortable with calling it a day. There’s a huge difference between these two campaigns at the moment. Biden is sitting home, relaxing. He’s acting like the race was already won. Meanwhile, Trump is not about to rest on his laurels. He is going to continue to campaign, not allowing the COVID-19 pandemic to serve as an excuse for any inactivity.

Trump’s campaign jaunt through the west is slated to continue, while Biden has no public events planned. To be fair, speaking in public is probably not in Biden’s best interests at the moment. Many polls show that he is in the lead. At this point, public speaking will probably do more harm than good to his campaign. He’s not playing to win, he’s playing not to lose.

We have all seen this phenomenon unfold in athletic contests. An NFL underdog will get some early luck, jump on their opponent with a two touchdown lead and then spend the rest of the game playing cautiously. Biden cannot simply run the ball and run out the clock here. It’s not an NBA game, where he can simply dribble out the shot clock.

If he thinks that he is going to sit in his basement for the next six weeks or so, there are pros and cons to this strategy. We’ve already tried our best to cover the pros. Biden can send Harris to make all of the speeches that have him too frazzled to gain his composure. The cons are starting to reveal themselves more and more.

Biden is a fearful and feeble candidate. Trump is a fearless candidate who won’t allow the pandemic to keep him from the people. He’s already learning how to improvise, holding more outdoor rallies and doing his best to keep attendees safe. The election is going to be taking place less than two months from now but Biden was not willing to do any work at all this weekend.

Will this strategy come back to bite him in the hindquarters? Only time will tell. All we know is that President Trump is doing everything in his power to close any gaps, real or perceived. When a Biden campaign adviser was reached for comment, they claimed that Joe was trying his best to campaign in a safe and responsible manner.

Trump is pulling out all of the stops during his west coast trip, arriving in Nevada to a massive boat parade on Lake Mead. A huge rally also took place in Minden. Another rally was scheduled for Trump supporters in Henderson and he will also be holding a Latinos for Trump round table discussion in Las Vegas. Since Biden cannot actually bring himself to leave the basement, he criticized Trump’s decision instead.

“Nevadans don’t need more bluster from the President, and don’t need his reckless rallies that ignore the realities of COVID-19 and endanger public health,” read a statement from Joe Biden’s communications director. The liberal news networks are furious about the rallies as well, condemning their effects on public health.

These networks are going to be boycotting the event. In their minds, there is no need for a public event at the moment. There may be concerns about holding indoor events like rallies but as long as the attendees recognize the risks? There should be nothing wrong with them. As for us? We are tired of seeing the COVID-19 pandemic being used as a shield for Biden’s laziness, while Trump is attacked on a daily basis for pandemic related reasons.