Pennsylvania is Already Rigging Ballots to Help Biden


Mail-in voting is a bad idea. And it’s going to lead to countless votes not being counted until after Election Day. As if that’s not bad enough, Pennsylvania’s highest court has just made it easier for the Dems to cheat enough for Biden to get a victory.

First, they decided that they don’t want to take any chances of votes going toward another party. So, the Green Party will not be on the ballots. They claimed that the Green Party’s candidate, Howie Hawkins, did not follow the strict procedures – so he won’t be appearing.

They’ve also voted in favor of a three-day extension on the deadline to count mailed-in ballots. There are still weeks before the General Election. They could hire people to do the counting so that numbers are provided on Election Day. But, no. It’s easier to fudge the numbers if they have more time to do it – and so the courts granted them those extra days.

Ballots will still have to be postmarked by the time the polls close on November 3. However, the county election boards now have until 5 pm on November 6 to get the counting done.

Most states require Election Day as the deadline. However, the Dems are finding a loophole by asking for a post-Election Day deadline. 18 states have an extended deadline – and about half backed Trump in 2016.

Pennsylvania is anticipating a mass use of mail-in ballots. Though, Biden has already proved that even he can go down to vote in person. If we can send our kids back to the classroom, can’t we vote in person? Of course we can…but mail-in voting gives the room for a bit of tampering – and if the Dems do anything well, it’s cheating.

Further, drop boxes and satellite election offices are not explicitly authorized under state law to be used to collect ballots. Don’t worry, the Pennsylvania Dems have a plan for that, too. The court ruled that those are now authorized. It will make it easier for the high concentration of Dems in Philly and other heavily populated areas to use the satellite offices and drop boxes. It will relieve the pressure off of the mail-in ballots – but yet they still need an extra three days to count them all.

The mail-in ballots seem to be a losing battle as there are so many states dealing with it.

The real problem with PA is that they have been voting to keep the Green Party candidates off the ballots for years. The reality is that the Two Republican judges wanted to allow the Green Party to fix their errors retroactively. It’s the Dems that reversed the ruling to kick Howie Hawkins off the ballot – so much for a bipartisan high court.

The Green Party is considered the socialist party. By allowing them on the ballot, it could take a significant number of votes away from Biden – enough that it would allow Trump to win. The easiest way to avoid that from happening is simply by removing the Green Party from the ballot. Fair? No. Legal? Sort of.

The Dems know how to toe the line between legal and illegal. They took the Green Party off because of not having met the necessary requirements. However, they could have given the party the chance to fix those errors. It would have been the right thing to do – but the Dems are more concerned about getting the W for Biden in November than doing anything that would be considered kind.

If Pennsylvania is willing to cheat in the courts to help Biden win, how many other Dem-led states are going to learn their dirty tricks? Now that PA has gotten away with it, expect a number of other states to follow suit. The reality is that cheating is the only way they can get Biden to take home the win.