Pakistan Coronavirus Cases Puzzle Health Experts


So many Democrats and hateful liberals have targeted how President Trump has handled the COVID-19 pandemic and the reopening of the country. Every one of the malicious spectators has their opinion on how the president should have proceeded.

Even when the president made his choice on how to proceed, they picked the route apart and complained that it was not going to work, or it would make things worse.

But now it seems that President Trump has been right all along with his plan to reopen the country based on the copying actions of the nation Pakistan. What appears to have happened is that they took a page out of the president’s playbook on containing the virus and implemented it in their country.

Their numbers in Pakistan do not seem to ever get out of control. The people live in crowded conditions, and that sparked significant concerns for health officials. But none of their fears ever came true. Their hospitals were fine, and people seemed to be healthy.

Every country had a surge in the numbers as COVID-19 spread around the globe. But in the past several weeks, those numbers have taken a massive dive towards zero. Deaths from the virus never went into the double digits in the past few weeks.

Pakistan has a struggling healthcare system. For years it has never been well funded. Their leaders have struggled in the past to contain outbreaks. But this time, something was different.

Salman Haseeb is a doctor at a hospital, and he states that “No one has been able to explain this decline… We don’t have any concrete explanation.” The only thing that could account for such actions is that they have copied President Trump’s plan.

President Trump has long concluded that age and climate have something to do with it, which seems to be backed by what is happening in Pakistan. The median age is 22, and the virus loves to attack older people.

Democrats are quick to point out that they do not have the testing like America does. But that ideology is only speculative. The comprehensive data that is emerging from Pakistan shows a massive decline in infections even after they have removed all their restrictions on the people.

Their people are free to engage in crowded marketplaces and streets as they return to normal life. Doctors are just not seeing the influx of people like they did when it first hit months ago. There is some fear that there will be a second wave, but even that belief is being abandoned by officials looking at the data flooding into their offices.

Doctor Khizer Hayat states that The situation is now under control, and the number of coronavirus cases is dropping, the wards are emptying. It’s hard to know why.” But what is known is that the methods mirrored by President Trump only support the techniques that he has used to combat COVID-19.

The idea behind their success is that they made intelligent decisions regarding the virus. This is the same strategy that the president did since the virus came onshore in America. The problems now that are showing up are because the damaging Democrats are trying to make decisions that are not intelligent, and it shows badly.

Pakistan has since lifted its lockdown requirements, and there has only been a continual drop in the number of infections. This shows that the president’s push to open America is going to be successful. There is no reason to continue to fear a virus that has long since run its course in the country.

The loony liberals around the world still are holding out hope that there will be a second wave. It is like they thrive on the fear and anxiety that comes when there is uncertainty in the air. President Trump has never done anything to harm the country willfully.

He has only done what is best and what has been needed to make America great. His actions and plans for the future are going to pull the country out of the hole and put it back on the path to greatness that it still travels.